Quiz: Go Hunting for the Weekend and We'll Correctly Guess How Old Your Truck Is
Go Hunting for the Weekend and We'll Correctly Guess How Old Your Truck Is
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Gather everything you need and an extra 18-pack of beer for this quiz - we're going hunting! After our outdoorsy weekend together, we're sure that we can figure out exactly how old your truck is! The way you pack up your supplies, where you choose to sleep, and the prize you end up bagging will give us the clues we need to get it right! 

As we go through our weekend hunting trip, you get to take the reigns! We'll offer up a few scenarios and a few choices in gear, but it's up to you to design the hunting trip the way you would organize the hunting weekend of your dreams. Whether you're tracking a moose in the Alaskan woods or you are thinning out the Nutria population in New Orleans, your hunting trip will be as individual as you are! Through getting to know the way you hunt and the way you handle yourself in the wild will give away your relationship with your truck. From there, we'll know how long you've had it and how old it is! 

Get your rods, reels, and ammo ready, we're going hunting! Will you give away your truck's age while you do it? Let's find out!

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