Go on House Hunters With Your Love and We'll Guess Your Next Renovation Project

Jennifer Post

Maybe the most important decision to make: Who is your realtor?

For your new home together, what's your budget?

Do you have a long list of must-haves?

Do you care about having a big yard?

Is there anything that's a total deal breaker for you and your partner?

What kind of area are you looking to buy a home in?

What is your ideal number of bedrooms?

Agreeing on things is tough, but what's the most important thing the house must include that you have agreed on?

Do either of you work from home and need a home office?

Are you planning on adding kids to the mix in this house?

It can be hard to see yourself in a house when you hate the wall colors. Is that a sticking point for you?

How many dogs do you need to account for with this new house?

Does your love ever tell you your dreams are too big for the house you can afford?

How much carpet will make you walk into a house and say "ew"?

Where is the most ideal place for the powder room?

Does each bedroom need to have its own bathroom?

What are your most dire needs when it comes to kitchen space?

Are you someone who thinks ahead, space-wise?

Is an unfinished basement a negative for you?

When you walk into a potential new home, how will you know if it's the right home?

Does your love require a man cave/she shed?

Do you need two closets because one of you has waaaay too many clothes?

Would you want an outdoor living space already at the house, or do you want to build your own?

Do you look at light fixtures in a potential home and count down the days until you can replace them?

Would you sacrifice on location to get a bigger house?

Is this the first home you and your love will be living in together?

Are you bringing a friend house-hunting with you so they can tell you their personal thoughts on every house you look at?

Which style of home are you searching for, and is it the same as your love's?

Are there any unique extras you expect your future home to have?

Do you guys want to live near a city, but also not too close to loud noises and lots of people?

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About This Quiz

To know "House Hunters" is to love it. When that signature jingle plays and you hear that high-pitched, inquisitive voice of the unseen host, you know you're about to have a good time. Watching the show is like stepping into a weird dream where people have extremely high budgets with obscure jobs you didn't even know existed and desire things in a home that no one in their right mind would put in a house. But that's what makes it so addicting. We all like to think we would act differently on the show but in reality, you know you'd be asking your significant other where they're going to put all their clothes because you'll take up all the closets. (There are the rare occasions where the couple is super down-to-earth and just wants a nice home to share together. Maybe they plan on having kids there, or perhaps they just have a couple of fur babies to take care of. But, honestly, those are the least interesting episodes!)

Really thinking about how you would handle being on "House Hunters" can tell a lot about what kinds of projects you're ready to take on in your own life. Pretend to be on the show and we'll guess your next renovation project!

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