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What is granite made from?

Granite is made from molten rock that has been compressed under the Earth's surface over millions of years.


Which of the following words may be used to describe granite?

Granite is extremely hard and very durable.


Why is granite useful for kitchen countertops?

Granite has heat-resistant qualities so it won't blister if you put hot pots on it. In addition, it's hard nature makes it unlikely to chip or scratch.


How does granite get its coloring?

The granite rock is made up of different mineral crystals which each create a different color. The white mineral is known as feldspar and the light grey veins are made from quartz. Feldspar and quartz are the two most common minerals in granite. The black color in granite usually comes from mica.


How long is a typical slap of granite?

Granite is blasted out of quarries in large blocks, usually about seven to nine feet long and four to five feet wide. It is then cut down into workable slabs by special milling machines.


If you would like to cut your granite at home, what sort of saw blade will you need?

You will need a diamond cutting blade in order to cut granite. They can be bought from major home improvement centers.


How can you avoid chipping the edge of the granite?

Placing collars on either side of the cutting blade act as big washers that reduce vibration, allowing a cleaner cut. You may also want to get a vacuum attachment to minimize the mess created by the dust.


What is the easiest way to create design edges on your granite?

You can buy a special automated edge-shaping machine, which can cut and polish the granite edges. But it will probably be cheaper for you to have some local professionals cut the edges for you. There may be an extra fee for sink cutouts, since they can be tricky to cut to size.


How much does a thinner-sized, finished slab of granite weigh per square inch?

A finished, thinner size granite slab weighs about 13 pounds per square inch and the thicker size will weigh about 19 pounds.


What must you do when installing granite countertops?

It is crucial that you take correct measurements of your kitchen, including details of appliance openings and the thickness of the backsplash. It is a good idea to remove appliances and cover cabinets before you start work in order to protect them.


What should you put down between the subcounter and the granite?

To create a barrier between the granite and the subcounter, place some plastic sheeting or a special vulcanized rubber paint-vapor barrier down before laying the granite.


Where is the best place to have slab seams placed?

Since granite usually comes in 10-foot slabs there will usually be at least one seam in your countertop. If possible, try to have your seams positioned over well-supported areas of your cabinetry. Shims may be needed to make sure that the surfaces are flush against each other, since there can be slight differences in the thickness of two granite pieces.


What sort of material is used between the two granite slabs?

Silicone is used between two granite slabs, because it allows for expansion and contraction of the granite. A special epoxy is used to hold the granite in place. Mix a colored resin in with the epoxy if it is being used to join to slabs together, as this helps it to blend in with the granite.


Why is it a good idea to seal granite?

Although granite is moisture-resistant, it is quite porous. Colored liquids like wine or cooking oil and even pizza grease can seep into the countertop and discolor it. Using a sealant can protect your countertop from damage.


How often do you need to seal your granite countertop?

Granite countertops can have different porosities, so some may need to be sealed more often than others. However, generally countertops need to be sealed once a year. To determine whether your countertop needs resealing, put a few drops of water on the countertop and see if it beads up or soaks into the granite. If it soaks in, then your granite needs resealing.


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