Quiz: The Ultimate Grateful Dead Quiz
The Ultimate Grateful Dead Quiz
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They left a patchouli-scented wake across the world. How much do you know about the Grateful Dead?

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How did the musicians choose a name for their band?
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Roughly how many albums has the band sold worldwide?
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Which of the band's songs is listed as a U.S. national treasure?
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How many different people played in the band throughout its lifespan?
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In which year was the band formed?
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What was the nickname of the sound system built just for the band's tours?
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How many Top 10 hits did the band record?
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The band originally went by which name?
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About how many different songs did the band perform live?
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On which album cover did the lightning bolt and skull graphic first appear?
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To what ailment did Ron "Pigpen" McKernan succumb?
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What were the "dancing bears" actually doing, according to the artist that created them?
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What was the name of the band's only Top 10 hit?
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The cover of "American Beauty" is an ambigram that also reads as what?
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What band inspired the Dead to pursue rock instead of jug music?
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Tom Constanten worked in the Air Force doing what job?
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Sometimes the band's live version of "Dark Star" would run about how long?
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How many AWOLs did Jerry Garcia receive during his nine-month stint in the Army?
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Robert Hunter took part in a Stanford University experiment on what subject?
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Donna Jean Godchaux was a backup singer for which No. 1 song?
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About how many live shows did the band play?
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Which of the band's albums was the first to crack the Top 40?
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In total, roughly how many people saw the band perform live?
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Which band member died of a drug overdose?
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For how many bands did Phil Lesh play bass guitar before joining the Dead?
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For their 1974 tour, how many speakers did the band use for their performances?
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In what year did Jerry Garcia die?
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