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What does GRE stand for?

The Graduate Record Exam is the main placement exam used at the graduate school level. Unless you're going to study medicine or law you will have to take a GRE.


Since which year have schools been administering the GRE?

The GRE has been the standard graduate school exam since 1939.


The current version of the GRE is in what format?

Over the past 60 years the GRE has evolved from a written exam to an answer sheet exam where you fill in circles, and finally into a computerized exam.


Which of these institutions first administered the GRE?

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching first introduced the GRE in an attempt to standardize graduate level assessment.


About how many people per year take the GRE?

Nearly 700,000 people from over 200 countries take the GRE each year.


Which type of graduate schools have recently started accepting GRE results?

Until recently, if you wanted to get into business school you had to take the GMAT. Now many of these schools will also accept GRE results.


How long does it take to complete the GRE?

The GRE takes just under three hours, including a short break.


How many sections does the GRE have?

The GRE has three sections: an analytical writing section with two questions, a verbal reasoning section with 30 questions, and a quantitative reasoning section with 28 questions.


What is the most significant difference between the math section of the GRE and that of the SAT?

Unlike the SAT, you may not bring a calculator to the GRE. The 2011 version of the GRE does provide an on-screen calculator.


What does the analytical writing section of the GRE test?

While grammar and style are important, the main purpose of the written section is to test critical thinking and clarity of expression.


Which of these topics have been eliminated from the newest version of the GRE ?

Rather than include questions on antonyms and analogies, the new GRE will include reading comprehension questions designed to test complex reasoning.


Which of these organizations provides the PowerPrep GRE practice test?

Educational Testing Service (ETS), the company that now administers the GRE, offers a practice version of the GRE through their PowerPrep software. For a small fee they will also provide a grade.


What is the goal of time-based preparation?

Some people prefer to prepare for an exam by covering a certain amount of material per day. Others prefer to study for a certain amount of time each day, which is called time-based preparation.


Before you start answering questions, the GRE advises you to do which of the following?

It is of critical importance that you read the exam instructions before beginning the exam.


To ensure you finish an entire section, you should do which of these?

Always keep an eye on the on-screen clock. Rather than getting hung up on one question, you should budget your time for the section as a whole.


What is the range of scores for the verbal and quantitative reasoning sections of the new GRE?

The new GRE, to be released in 2011, will use a scale from 130 to one 170 points each for the verbal and quantitative sections.


How is the written section of the GRE graded?

Your GRE essays will be read by two experts who will each propose a grade between zero and six. The scores are then averaged out to produce a final grade.


How long does it take to get the results back from the online version of the GRE?

If you take the online version of the GRE, your grade will arrive within ten to fifteen days.


When you take the GRE you can designate how many schools to receive your results?

Once you have completed the GRE, the results will automatically be sent to as many as four schools of your choice.


Reports sent to the schools you've chosen will include all results going back how far?

When the automated report is sent to your schools of choice it will include all results going back five years.


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