Quiz: The Ultimate Great Barrier Reef Quiz
The Ultimate Great Barrier Reef Quiz
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The Great Barrier Reef, situated along the northeastern coast of Australia, is a marine ecosystem unrivaled by any other in the world. Renowned for its natural, unchanged beauty, it is visited by millions of tourists every year. Take this quiz to learn more about this natural aquatic wonderland.

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How many islands are in the Great Barrier Reef?
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Who made the first recorded "discovery" of the Great Barrier Reef?
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What does the Great Barrier Reef contain that makes it a popular site for millions of tourists every year?
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The structure of the current reef is thought to be growing on top of:
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What separates a barrier reef from coastal land?
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Like barrier reefs, _____ reefs also lie parallel to coastlines.
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What do platform and patch reefs often grow on top of?
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In which of the three major sections of the Great Barrier Reef are ribbon reefs in abundance?
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The more south you head from the Great Barrier Reef, the more the shelf narrows and the reefs disappear. Why doesn't coral grow in these parts?
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Aside from reefs, the Great Barrier Reef is also host to low-lying coral or sand islands. What are they called?
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There are 4,000 types in the Great Barrier Reef. What am I?
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Is it true that some of the reef's species of sea snakes have stronger venom than the most poisonous land snakes?
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What is one of the biggest threats to the coral colonies?
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How long does it take for a coral reef to regenerate after being destroyed by a crown-of-thorns starfish?
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What activities are permitted in the marine park's general use zones?
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Who is forbidden from entering scientific research zones?
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