Quiz: Great NFL Quarterbacks Quiz
Great NFL Quarterbacks Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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With their intelligence and extreme athleticism, these players guided their teams to the top of the league. How much do you know about the NFL's greatest quarterbacks?

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How many times was Peyton Manning named NFL MVP?
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For which team did QB Otto Graham play?
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Which QB was the first to throw 500 TD passes?
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How many seasons did Fran Tarkenton play in the NFL?
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Which great QB was known as Captain Comeback?
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What jersey number did Cleveland's Otto Graham wear?
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In what year did Tom Brady begin his NFL career?
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After being traded from the Vikings to the Giants, Fran Tarkenton was traded once again. Where did he wind up?
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Fran Tarkenton led the Vikings to three Super Bowls. How many of those title games did Minnesota win?
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How many TD passes did Brett Favre throw during his 20-year career?
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In his first season of college football, how much did star Johnny Unitas reportedly weigh?
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Which QB threw a pass during a famous play that became known as "The Catch"?
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Which QB has more wins than any other?
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Johnny Unitas was known for which talent?
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Against which team did Patriots QB Tom Brady earn his 200th victory?
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In how many Super Bowl games did Joe Montana play?
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In four Super Bowls, how many TD passes did Joe Montana throw?
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For how many seasons did Peyton Manning play with the Denver Broncos?
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In what year did Tom Brady throw for 50 TDs?
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Which NFL QB holds the record for most TD passes thrown in one season?
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How many TD passes did Dan Marino throw during the 1984 season?
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How many times did John Elway lose the Super Bowl?
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Which QB holds the record for the most Pro Bowl appearances?
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For which team did Brett Favre NOT play?
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How old was John Elway when he retired from football?
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For how many yards did Peyton Manning throw during his career?
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During the 1993 season, what injury did Dolphins QB Dan Marino suffer?
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For which college team did Brett Favre play?
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Which QB is credited with naming Hail Mary passes, the last-gasp passes they throw in an effort to win a game?
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