Quiz: The 'Green Acres' Quiz
The 'Green Acres' Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Saturday morning television lives on Nickelodeon. If you're a fan of "Green Acres" from way back or from Nickelodeon reruns, take this quiz to test your knowledge.

Just for fun, do you remember the name of Fred and Doris Ziffel's son? If you said Arnold Ziffel, you're right. But do you remember that Arnold was a pig? That was just one of the many charms of Hooterville.

Green Acres was a '60s sitcom that ran for six seasons and a total of 170 episodes. In this classic treat, attorney Oliver Wendell Douglas (played by Eddie Albert) moves to the country to become a farmer and get away from the big city. His wife, Lisa, played by Eva Gabor, isn't quite as thrilled with the move. The show is all about the hilarious struggles that Oliver and Lisa face in Hooterville (hey, remember how Lisa pronounced "Hooterville"? Hilarious!).

What we want to know is, why, if Oliver wanted to move to a more simple life, is he always so extremely annoyed by the lack of big-city savvy displayed by the residents of Hooterville. Ok, we'll refrain from picking apart the show and just enjoy the funny memories.

How well do you think you'll do on this quiz. Let's get started to find out.

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