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Did you know that common household cleaners may contain toxic chemicals that are bad for your family and for the environment? Take our quiz to find out more.

What percent of United States households use chemical-based air fresheners?

Chemical-based air fresheners are used in about 75 percent of United States households, at a cost of $2 billion a year.


Which United States organization that seeks to ensure a healthy environment for all life on earth tested air fresheners and found them to be hazardous to your health?

The Natural Resources Defense Council tested 14 different common air fresheners; 12 were found to contain chemicals that disrupt sex hormones and cause birth defects and cancer.


Which natural products can you substitute for chemical air fresheners in your home?

Try using natural products to freshen your home. Baking soda or essential oils are natural air fresheners that won't release dangerous chemicals into the air.


How many trees could be saved if one run of The New York Times was printed on recycled paper?

If just one run of the Sunday edition of The New York Times was printed on recycled paper, we could save 75,000 trees.


How many pounds of paper do America families throw away each year?

American families throw away almost 2,500 pounds (1,134 kilos) of paper each year, much of it consisting of junk mail such as bulk mailings, credit card solicitations and catalogs.


What can you do to make your home office paperless?

You'll save time and money by going paperless in your home office. Only print e-mails that are a must and sign up for online billing that reduces paper waste as well as filing time.


How many gallons of water does a top-loading washing machine use to wash a load of laundry?

Every time you do a load of laundry in a top-loading washing machine you use about 40 gallons (151 liters) of water. A clothes dryer uses about five kilowatts of electricity per hour.


What can you do to save on water and electricity when doing laundry?

By hanging your laundered clothing on an outdoor clothesline, you can save on electricity bills and your clothes will smell fresher, too. Use cold water when laundering for extra savings.


How much does the average American household spend on water and sewer bills per year?

If you're typical of the average American household, you spend as much as $500 per year on your water and sewer bills.


How many gallons of water does the average American use per day?

The average American uses about 100 gallons (378 liters) of water per day, mostly on toilet flushing and showering.


What steps can you take to reduce your household water consumption?

To reduce your household water consumption, install a toilet dam, which reduces the amount of water you flush by as much as 20 percent. Also consider buying a low-flow showerhead which uses 50-70 percent less water than a standard one.


What's a great way of reducing energy consumption in your home?

Energy leaks -- also known as vampire leaks -- claim about 4 percent of electricity in the United States, equal to about 100 million tons of oil. Use power strips and turn off your appliances and electronic devices when they're not in use.


Why is paint so toxic?

Most paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that release toxins into the air for up to six years after you've painted. Choose low-VOC paints that are water-based and won't release toxins into the air you breathe.


How many tons of disposable towels did Americans dispose of in 2004?

To help reduce the 83,000 tons (75,296 metric tons) of disposable towels that Americans threw away in 2004, consider using old towels and T-shirts as rags.


Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) use two-thirds less energy than:

Not only do compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) use two-thirds less energy than incandescent ones, they last 8-12 times longer, as well.


How much can you save on your electricity bill by replacing one incandescent bulb with a compact fluorescent one?

By replacing just one incandescent bulb in your home with a compact fluorescent one, you can save about $30 from your home's energy bill during the bulb's lifetime.


Which common household ingredients can be used to clean your home?

Since household cleaners that contain powerful chemicals may be hazardous to you and to the environment, try using soap and water, vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda as alternatives.


Which type of cleaning supplies are friendly to the environment?

Many companies are marketing eco-friendly cleaning supplies. It's a great first step in reducing the amounts of hazardous substances that contribute to indoor air pollution in your home.


What’s the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of household items you don't need anymore?

Recycling includes participating in your local recycling program as well as donating used clothing to charity and recycling electronics through retailer recycling programs.


Indoor air is _____times more polluted than outdoor air.

According to reports of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States, indoor air is three times more polluted than outdoor air.


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