Quiz: Can We Guess Your Dog's Nickname Based on These Questions?
Can We Guess Your Dog's Nickname Based on These Questions?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Sally Anscombe/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Sure, you have a dog, and sure, you love that dog so much that you puzzled for weeks and possibly even years to give him or her the perfect name. No "Rover" or "Fido" for you. No, you named your dog the very ideal name to sum up how you felt about this delightful pooch who came into your life and your family and melted your once-cold heart. You paid for a microchip and for your dog to be registered, and you wrote their name on all the relevant forms. You even had it carved into their tags, painted on their doggie bowl, and embroidered onto their little winter coat.

However, that doesn't mean you call them by that name all the time. Your boo also has a perfectly good name but that doesn't stop you calling him or her darling, honey, or hot cheeks. The vast majority of dog owners know that the name we officially give our dog - the one by which they are known at the park - is not their only name. After all, when we gave it, we did not know what their personality would be like, or exactly what our relationship would look like. Their nickname could take such things into account.

Tell us a little about your dog, and we'll figure out what unofficial name you call him or her.

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