Can We Guess How Many Tattoos You Have Based on Your Fashion Preferences?

Isadora Teich

Which country do you think has the best fashion?

Would you ever wear a fur coat?

Which decade's fashion do you like most?

What is the craziest thing you have ever done to your hair?

Which kind of shoe would you most like to wear?

How much denim do you wear?

Which brand do you own more things from?

Which blazer would you rather have?

Which bold color would you be more likely to wear?

What height of boots do you prefer?

Which fabric can you find most of in your wardrobe?

Which word describes your wardrobe best?

What percentage of your closet is black?

Which animal print do you wear most?

Which luxury brand would you rather wear?

How much jewelry do you like to wear?

Which fashion phase have you gone through?

Which accessory can you not live without?

Which do you own the most of?

What kind of jeans do you prefer?

Do wedding dresses have to be white?

Do you prefer to dress modestly?

Which kinds of colors do you like to wear most?

How long are most of your coats?

Which kind of neckline do you prefer?

Have you ever worn platform boots?

What kind of necklace would you be most likely to wear?

Which jewelry material do you prefer?

Which store have you bought the most clothing from?

Do you shop for clothing online?

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About This Quiz

For a long time, tattoos were considered taboo and had all kinds of negative connotations. Today, tattoos have really blown up as a respected art form. People of all ages, lifestyles and tastes have tattoos these days, ranging from small designs to massive backpieces. In fact, some people are even covered from head to toe and have tattoos in places you wouldn't expect. These include inside their mouths and on the whites of their eyes! 

Are you somebody with a tiny secret tattoo no one knows about, more tattoos than you can count, or none at all? Maybe your taste in fashion will help us guess whether you are tatted up or have never gotten one at all. People choose to get and not get tattoos for all sorts of reasons. People opt for tattoos to memorialize loved ones, for aesthetic reasons, for fun and sometimes even to tell jokes. Whether a tattoo is good or bad, it really captures a moment in time, and many tattoo lovers cherish even their roughest tattoos.  

Is your style minimal or full glam? Do you take an hour to get dressed in the morning or have you been wearing the same pair of pants for 3 days? See if we can guess how many tattoos you have from your style choices! 

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