Quiz: The Gunsmoke Quiz
The Gunsmoke Quiz
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About This Quiz

Even in the 21st century, the Wild West holds a tight rein on the American spirit, a fact that’s embodied by the enduring popularity of a famous show called “Gunsmoke.” The show’s very name harkens to a dark and dangerous time when gutsy men and wily women struggled to survive on the treacherous frontier.

Did you know that “Gunsmoke” was actually very famous before it ever became a TV show? And that once it hit the small screen, it became one of the longest-running programs in television history? For two whole decades, this show captured the iconic imagery of boots, spurs, and saddles and projected them into dramatic episodes that still evoke strong memories for audiences everywhere. Do you think you remember enough of those chaparral adventures to ace our quiz?

From the trusty marshal to the courageous saloon owner, “Gunsmoke” took stereotypical cowboy tropes and turned them into legends that have lasted for decades. The program’s writers weren’t content to sit on clichés; instead, they composed stories that touched on the stark, brutal reality of an untamed land and uncivilized people who were as likely to kill a man as help him.

It was a bold move for a major TV network – do you remember which one aired this series… and when? “Gunsmoke” spawned huge stars, thanks to its success, but can you recall the characters and the actors who played them? Saddle up and take our “Gunsmoke” quiz now!

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