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How much do you really know about Halo? Take our Ultimate Halo Quiz to find out.

What other game series has connections to the Halo universe?

Bungie Studios, the company that created Halo, first designed the Marathon games for the Mac. Numerous references to the world of Marathon are in the Halo games though it's unclear if the two series exist in the same universe.


What was the original format for the Halo game?

The original concept for Halo was a science fiction real-time strategy game in which players would manage multiple units.


What's the term for A.I. insanity in the Halo universe?

A holdover from the Marathon series of games, rampancy refers to what happens to an artificially intelligent construct when things go seriously wrong.


Who built the Halo devices?

The Forerunners built the massive Halo devices as a way to eliminate the parasitic Flood by wiping out the Flood's food source -- sentient lifeforms.


What is Installation 00 better known as?

Installation 00 is the Ark, a structure built by the Forerunners that exists outside the Milky Way galaxy and therefore beyond the destructive reach of the Halo devices.


What is Master Chief's real name?

Master Chief goes by the name of John, with the Spartan tag of 117. Master Chief's A.I. companion, Cortana, reveals his name just once in the Halo series of games.


What is the name of the ship you're on at the beginning of Halo: Combat Evolved?

The action of Halo: Combat Evolved opens aboard the Pillar of Autumn as it comes under attack by Covenant forces.


What type of armor does the Master Chief wear during Halo: Combat Evolved?

Though he would receive the Mark VI generation of MJOLNIR armor in Halo 2, Master Chief starts off in Halo: Combat Evolved in a Mark V suit.


What's the name of the monitor of Installation 05, aka the Halo ring you land on in Halo 2?

2401 Penitent Tangent is the monitor for Installation 05. It behaves in a way similar to 343 Guilty Spark, the monitor you first encounter in Halo: Combat Evolved.


What are Master Chief's final words in Halo 3?

As Halo 3 ends, Master Chief climbs into a sleep chamber inside an irreperably-damaged ship. His last words to Cortana are "Wake me when you need me."


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