Hang Out at a Cat Cafe and We'll Tell You Which Breed of Cat Is Right For You!

Zoe Samuel

How often do you go to the cat cafe?

Do you feed the cats?

Do you touch the cats?

What's your signature kitty type move?

Do you let the cats come to you or vice versa?

Do you bring any other humans with you?

What do you order?

What music are you listening to?

How long are you visiting the cafe?

Do you ever bring your work to the cat cafe?

What garment would you never wear there?

What garment is your absolute must-wear?

Do you bring catnip to the cafe?

Do you bring any toys to the cafe?

What item would you donate to the cafe if they didn't have one?

Of the toys they have there, which is the most fun to play with?

Do you know when a cat is not in the mood to be touched?

Which size of cat draws your eye first?

Which color of cat is the prettiest?

Do you like a loud cat or one that is quiet?

How many photos do you post from the cat cafe?

Do you talk to the other humans there?

How do you feel after you leave?

Does the hygiene aspect of the cat cafe bother?

Would you ever bring your own cat, if you had one?

Do you think kids should come to the cat cafe?

Is handicapped accessibility important to you at the cat cafe?

Do you prefer to go to the cafe when you are happy or sad?

Do you go to the same cat cafe or mix it up?

If a dog cafe opened up next door, how would that affect your plans?

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About This Quiz

Cats have been sharing our homes for as long as 9500 years, starting in Egyptian times. Even so, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a lifestyle where they are prepared for cat ownership. You need to be responsible, capable of planning ahead, willing to love, and happy to do an awful lot of cleaning.

Contrary to popular myth, though, you don't have to be okay with sharing your home with a standoffish prissy creature that barely notices whether you're still breathing as long as their food bowl is full. Cats are not all like this stereotype, and one way to ensure you find one who isn't that way is to road-test a few different breeds. Cat cafes are the best places to do this: you can watch and play with all sorts of cats while enjoying a nice bite to eat. Perhaps you want the hyper-playful Japanese Bobtail, the stately and hefty Maine Coon, the highly independent Russian Blue, or the sphinx-like mystery that is the Siamese. Whatever your lifestyle or personality, there's a cat out there who is right for you, and if you take an imaginary trip to the cat cafe with us, we can help you figure out exactly which one he or she is!

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