Quiz: No, Really! Hanukkah Decorations Quiz
No, Really! Hanukkah Decorations Quiz
By: Staff
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It seems like holiday decorations get more and more over the top each year. We went on a search for the wackiest Hanukkah decorations, and you'll never guess what we found. See if you can pick out which decorations actually exist with our No, Really! Hanukkah Decorations quiz.

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Menorahs come in many different shapes and sizes, including a VW bus, old plumbing pipes and a reused computer motherboard.
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If your laundry room needs some Hanukkah flair, you could decorate it with a dreidel-shaped washer and dryer.
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Jewish fishermen can decorate their homes this year with a Hanukkah-themed singing bass.
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If you have high ceilings, you're in luck! You can decorate your living room with a larger-than-life, 6-and-a-half-foot lighted menorah.
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Your little ones could have fun this Hanukkah by decorating with a dreidel-shaped Chia pet.
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Competing with your neighbors? You could adorn your yard with an 11-foot inflatable Hanukkah bear.
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Is your child an architect at heart? You could send him/her to a workshop to learn how to make a 13-foot-tall menorah decoration made completely out of LEGOs.
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Don't forget your pets this Hanukkah. You could consider a pet-sized yarmulke or a Star of David dog bed, just for starters.
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This year, you can give your room a festive look with Martha Stewart's new line of Hanukkah bed linens.
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Don't forget the bathroom. Even your toilet can be Hanukkah ready with a blue dreidel toilet seat cover.
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