Quiz: Hardwood Flooring Quiz
Hardwood Flooring Quiz
By: Staff
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Hardwood flooring can bring joy to your home and put bounce in your step. But beware -- neglect it and it might be the bane of your home's existence. See if you can keep your shine (and pride) with this hardwood flooring quiz.

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What is the American National Wood Flooring Manufacturers' Association (NOFMA) recommendation regarding entrances?
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How often should you vacuum your wooden floors?
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What is the downside of using a household dust treatment on your wooden floors?
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You want to use a microfiber pad on your floors. Who should you consult with before you do?
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How long does it take to cure the floor finish?
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If you wanted to put down rug pads, what untreated natural fiber could you use?
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Which of these may attack or discolor the floor finish?
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Why is cotton an ideal fabric for rugs?
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With the effect of time, some floor finishes change color and age. What can you do about it?
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What should you put under the table legs or chair legs to protect the flooring?
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