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Arnold Schwarzenegger is the kind of success story that seems to happen only in the outlandish Hollywood movies. He transformed himself from a young and inexperienced actor into a movie star of mammoth proportions. How much do you know about Schwarzenegger's movies?

Which actress starred alongside Schwarzenegger in 1994's "True Lies"?

Schwarzenegger is an undercover operative married to Helen, played by Jamie Lee Curtis. The couple is swept up into a far-reaching plot during this action comedy film.


In what year did Schwarzenegger star in a film titled "End of Days"?

"End of Days" was an apocalpytic film that received equally dark reviews. It had a huge budget of around $100 million, but audiences bailed out this mess of a movie, which wound up making about $200 million at the box office.


Schwarzenegger made his first film appearance in which movie?

Schwarzenegger made his film debut in "Hercules," in 1969. He was just 22 years old when he starred in this low-budget comedy.


Schwarzenegger received credit for his role in "Hercules in New York," but the producers didn't use his real name. Under which name did he receive credit?

The filmmakers credited Schwarzenegger as "Arnold Strong." It was probably for the best -- Schwarzenegger reportedly hated the movie and wished he hadn't been a part of it.


In "Red Heat," Schwarzenegger is a Soviet cop who plays opposite which actor?

Schwarzenegger partners with James Belushi, a Chicago cop. Schwarzenegger thought this movie would be a huge hit, but instead, it was just average. Another Schwarzenegger movie that year ("Twins") fared far better.


In 1976's "Stay Hungry," Schwarzenegger starred opposite which Hollywood star?

Jeff Bridges had the lead role in "Stay Hungry." Schwarzenegger played Joe Santo, a bodybuilder who was training for the Mr. Universe competition.


In how many "Conan" movies did Schwarzenegger appear?

Schwarzenegger played the lead role in both Conan movies. They were "Conan the Barbarian" and "Conan the Destroyer."


In what year did the first "Conan" movie arrive in theaters?

"Conan the Barbarian" came first, in 1982. The second, "Conan the Destroyer," was released in 1984.


Schwarzenegger starred in 1996's "Eraser." Which actor did NOT appear in this film?

Robards wasn't in "Eraser." This action thriller had an enormous budget ($100 million) and in spite of middling reviews managed to gross more than $200 million.


In which film did Schwarzenegger star opposite Danny DeVito?

1988's "Twins" depicted Schwarzenegger and DeVito as twins who were separated at birth. In the film, Schwarzenegger's character sets off to find his long-lost brother, who turns out to be a dirtbag that lives in Los Angeles.


In which movie does Schwarzenegger's character travel to the planet Mars?

In "Total Recall," Schwarzenegger's blue-collar character realizes that he's a secret agent who must travel to Mars in order to understand exactly who he really is.


In one movie, Schwarzenegger plays a character named John Kimble. What movie was it?

In "Kindergarten Cop," Schwarzenegger is Detective John Kimble, who pretends to be an elementary school teacher so that he can nab a drug dealer. The movie was a smash hit.


Who directed "Kindergarten Cop"?

Ivan Reitman directed this movie, which had a budget of roughly $15 million. It didn't get great reviews, but it was a huge box office hit that made more than $200 million.


In "Total Recall" what is the name of Schwarzenegger's character?

Schwarzenegger played the role of Douglas Quaid in "Total Recall." Directed by Paul Verhoeven, the movie also starred Sharon Stone and Michael Ironside.


How many Academy Award nominations has Schwarzenegger received during his long career?

He's been acting since the 60s, made himself into a Hollywood icon and political force, but Schwarzenegger has never been nominated for an Academy Award.


In 1985, Schwarzenegger starred in "Red Sonja," a movie based on what?

"Red Sonja" was based on the character of the same name from Marvel Comics. Brigitte Nielsen had the starring role; Schwarzenegger played Lord Kalidor, who eventually helps Sonja on her quest.


For which movie did Schwarzenegger receive an MTV Movie Award for Best Male Performance?

"Terminator 2" was a tremendous success for Schwarzenegger. It didn't win him an Oscar, but he did receive the Best Male Performance award at the MTV Movie Awards.


In which movie do the bad guy's kidnap Schwarzenegger's daughter, played by Alyssa Milano?

Mercenaries grab Milano and hold her hostage in "Commando." Schwarzenegger plays a retired special forces soldier who will do anything to get her back.


How did "Commando" fare at the box office?

In spite of its R rating, the film was a hit, raking in nearly $60 million against its $10 million budget. Since its release in 1985, it has become a cult movie favorite.


In which movie does Schwarzenegger play the role of cyborg assassin?

In "The Terminator" Schwarzenegger plays a cyborg assassin sent back in time to kill the mother of a boy who would eventually rise up and lead a resistance fight against robotic overlords.


In what year did the first "Terminator" film hit theaters?

"The Terminator" hit theaters in 1984. The film was an incredible financial success that spawned numerous sequels and turned Schwarzenegger into a worldwide celebrity.


What's the name of Schwarzenegger's character in the "Expendables" movies?

Schwarzenegger plays Trench Mauser. Sylvester Stallone played the starring role in the first of the series, which debuted in 2010.


In 1987, Schwarzenegger starred in "Predator." How many "Predator" sequels are there?

There are two "Predator" sequels. The first ("Predator 2") was released in 1990 and the second ("Predators") was unveiled in 2010.


Which actress played opposite of Schwarzenegger in "The Terminator"?

Linda Hamilton plays the role of Sarah Connor in the "Terminator" series. Hamilton also starred in the TV series called "Beauty and the Beast."


Schwarzenegger starred in how many of the "Predator" films?

Schwarzenegger appeared in only one "Predator" movie -- the first one. This film not only got great reviews, but it made nearly $100 million at the box office.


Schwarzenegger once said, "It was the worst film I ever made." To which film was he referring?

"Red Sonja" was skewered by critics and audiences alike. Schwarzenegger said it was his worst film. Brigette Nielsen won a Golden Raspberry for Worst New Star for her part in this terrible movie.


The first "Terminator" movie was released in 1984. When did the second movie arrive in theaters?

"Terminator 2: Judgment Day" hit theaters in 1991. Its breakthrough special effects helped it win many awards and generated huge box office success.


What was the budget of "Terminator 2," which was released in 1991?

The studio gambled big on "T2," which cost around $100 million to make. The payoff was enormous -- the movie made more than $500 million in box offices around the globe.


For how many Academy Awards was "Terminator 2" nominated?

The action-packed movie was nominated for six different categories. It won four Oscars.


Which of the following Academy Awards did "Terminator 2" NOT win?

It didn't win for Best Cinematography. "Terminator 2" was unique in that as a sequel it was better than the original in almost every way.


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