Quiz: Have Tea with the Queen, and She'll Tell You Which Disney Princess You Are!
Have Tea with the Queen, and She'll Tell You Which Disney Princess You Are!
By: Steven Miller
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

There are many dos and do'nts when it comes to having tea with The Queen. For example, the movies would have you believe that holding out your pinky finger is the appropriate way to sip from your cup, but is that the case? How many cups of tea are you supposed to drink? Do you eat the finger sandwiches with your hands? How you answer questions like this and your overall demeanor when sitting with Her Majesty are sure to highlight aspects of your character and define your personality. From there, The Queen will pair you up with a Disney princess that fits just right.

For example, if you're a tomboy who would rather be out playing rugby with the boys than sitting in that stuffy room, it will likely be pretty clear that you're just counting down the minutes until your time with The Queen is over. If you've also chosen to dress far too casually for the occasion and your language includes more slang than proper English, it seems likely that Her Majesty will match you up with Merida from "Brave." Don't take it as an insult. Queen Elizabeth will likely adore your accent and relate to your bravery and adventurous spirit.

They're ringing the bell. I think she's ready to see you now.

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