Quiz: So You Think You Know "Hawaii Five-0"?
So You Think You Know "Hawaii Five-0"?
By: Nathan Chandler
Image: CBS TV Studios

About This Quiz

It was one of the most successful cop dramas in TV history. How much do you remember about the action-packed TV series "Hawaii Five-0"? Can you nail all the major differences between the classic and the reboot? Test your book-'em smarts and see if you can "Murder One" this quiz.

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In which year did the show debut?
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For how many seasons did the show air?
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Which TV show finally eclipsed "Hawaii Five-0" as the longest-running crime drama?
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Which major network aired the show during its run?
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To what does the "Five-0" in the show's title refer?
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Which actor played the role of Detective Capt. Steve McGarrett?
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McGarrett is the head of which department?
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In 1970, for what did the show win an Emmy Award?
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Why did the crew sometimes struggle with their roles during filming?
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Which character often repeats the phrase, "Book 'em, Danno"?
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Where were most of the episodes filmed?
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In what year did a reboot of the TV series debut?
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Kono Kalakaua played the character with which name?
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Which actor starred in a never-aired 1996 pilot for a potential reboot of the show?
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Which actor was originally offered the part of Steve McGarrett?
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In Season 5, which character did Ben Kokua replace?
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How many different secretaries appeared in the show?
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What is the name of Steve McGarrett's nemesis?
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What was Kam Fong Chun's job before he appeared on the show as a detective.
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How many total episodes were there in the original series?
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Which of the show's crew died during the sixth season?
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What happened to the character named Chin Ho Kelly?
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Richard Denning came out of retirement to play which character?
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In how many seasons did "Danno" appear?
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In which season did Jim "Kimo" Carew make his first appearance?
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Why was one episode from the second season never rebroadcast?
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In the rebooted show, which actor plays McGarrett?
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What does McGarrett wear in nearly every episode of the show?
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In the rebooted show, Kono Kalakaua has what job before she becomes a police officer?
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