Quiz: The HBO Original Programming Quiz
The HBO Original Programming Quiz
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Feeling guilty for binge-watching "Game of Thrones" in one weekend, only to follow it with a week of "Girls" episodes and revisiting "The Wire" for the fourth time? Make all that couch-sitting worthwhile by acing this HBO Original Programming Quiz.

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"Curb Your Enthusiasm" followed the fictional misadventures of Larry David, the real-life creator of what show?
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What HBO show could be considered an early pioneer of reality television?
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What famous President did Paul Giamatti portray in the HBO miniseries of the same name?
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Andrew Rannells originated the role of Elder Price on Broadway in "Book of Mormon." What HBO show does he regularly appear on?
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"Hard Knocks" follows a team from what league?
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What is an upcoming HBO series, currently in development?
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"The Wire" took place in what American city?
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What comedian's first series was on HBO?
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What was showrunner David Simon's follow-up to "The Wire?"
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What is the name of Richard Hendricks' start-up in "Silicon Valley?"
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What HBO show won the most Emmys for any miniseries aired?
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What Aaron Sorkin-penned series lasted three seasons on HBO?
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How many seasons was "The Sopranos" on air?
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The song "Way Down In the Hole" is a theme for what series?
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Who does Carrie end up with at the end of "Sex and the City"?
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Krazee Eyez Killa was a character on what show?
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A ghost is a recurring character in what series?
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"The Larry Sanders Show" starred what comedian?
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In the series opening credits, Tony Soprano is on what road?
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What HBO show features Adam Driver, who found worldwide fame after portraying Kylo Ren in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens?'
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What beloved children's show is debuting its 2016 season on HBO?
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How many wives did Bill have on "Big Love?"
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Who has narrated (nearly) every season of "Hard Knocks"?
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What is Johnny Drama's real last name on "Entourage?"
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Debuting in 2016, what series is based on a Michael Crichton film?
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"Office Space" writer and director Mike Judge created what HBO series?
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What television series spoils the future books the episodes are adapted from?
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