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The crime thriller "Heat" was so good that even the criminals copied it. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the murder and mayhem of this classic crime flick.

What year did "Heat" hit theaters?

The action-packed heist film with the all-star cast debuted Dec. 15, 1995.


Which of the following was NOT part of Neil McCauley's gang?

Los Angeles Police Department Detective Casals helped Vincent Hanna bring down McCauley and his crew.


What does Neil McCauley steal at the start of the film?

McCauley casually strolls into a hospital and steals an ambulance, which he will later use to break into an armored car.


Who kills the armored car guard during the big heist at the start of the film?

McCauley henchman Waingro infuriates McCauley and proves himself to be a loose cannon when he shoots an armored guard during the heist.


What do McCauley and company wear to disguise themselves when breaking into the armored car?

The group wears hockey masks, but a homeless man near the scene overhears one of the gang use the nickname "Slick," which provides a powerful clue to the police.


What is the name of the money laundering expert that McCauley consults after the heist?

McCauley and Nate meet in a parking garage, where Nate — played by Jon Voight — advises McCauley on how to process some of his loot.


What's in the envelope that McCauley's crew stole from the armored vehicle?

The envelope contains valuable bearer bonds issued by a company owned by Roger Van Zant.


Where does McCauley attempt to kill Waingro?

McCauley plans to shoot Waingro at a truck stop, but Waingro gets away after a police car passes during the confrontation.


Where does Van Zant send his men to complete the bearer bond exchange with McCauley?

Van Zant's men meet McCauley at a drive-in movie theater. They attempt to assassinate McCauley, but he outsmarts them and kills them both.


True or false: The armored car guard was the first person Waingro ever killed.

Waingro is actually a serial killer who preys on prostitutes.


Where does McCauley pick up his getaway driver for the bank heist?

McCauley hires Donald Breedan — an ex-con working as a cook in a diner — as his getaway driver for the big bank heist.


Who do Waingro and Van Zant torture to get info on McCauley's plans?

The men beat Trejo and kill his wife to learn as much as possible about McCauley's bank heist plans.


What is the name of the bank where the big heist takes place?

After receiving a tip, McCauley and his crew plan to rob the Far East National Bank.


Which member of McCauley's crew does NOT take part in the bank heist?

McCauley, Cheritto and Shiherlis rob the bank without Trejo's help, with Breedan serving as their getaway driver.


Who lives his life by the 30-second rule?

It is McCauley who lives by the 30 second rule, which states that you should never get attached to anyone or anything that you aren't willing to drop in 30 seconds when the heat is on.


Which member of McCauley's crew is the only one to escape the bank heist without injury?

Cheritto and Breedan are killed in the shoot-out, and Shiherlis is injured, leaving only McCauley unscathed.


Who kills Trejo?

After discovering Trejo has been brutally beaten, McCauley ends his life in a mercy killing.


What is the name of McCauley's girlfriend?

McCauley asks Eady to flee to New Zealand with him, then abandons her when Detective Hanna spots him.


Who finally kills career criminal Neil McCauley?

LAPD Detective Hanna guns down McCauley but holds his hand to comfort him as he dies.


What veteran actor played the role of Neil McCauley in "Heat"?

The film featured plenty of stars, with De Niro as McCauley, Pacino as Hanna and Kilmer as Shiherlis.


Who played Shiherlis' wife Charlene?

Judd played a supporting role as Charlene, who managed to discreetly tip off her man that the cops were closing in.


How many Oscar nominations did "Heat" pick up?

The film earned no Academy Award nominations, but it did pick up nominations at smaller events during the 1995-96 awards season.


True or false: Robert De Niro and Al Pacino never appear together on screen in the film.

The two legendary actors actually share the screen on several occasions — once while dining in a coffee shop and again when McCauley is killed.


True or false: "Heat" marked the first time that Pacino and De Niro appeared on screen at the same time in a film.

While both actors appeared in "The Godfather: Part II," they never shared a scene until both starred in "Heat."


What was the title of the TV movie that "Heat" was based on?

The film was inspired by a TV movie and failed pilot called "L.A. Takedown." Xander Berkeley was the only actor to appear in both movies.


True or false: "Heat" inspired several copycat crimes.

A 1997 Hollywood bank robbery and 2003 armored van heist were eerily similar to the events in "Heat."


What was the name of the real-life cop who inspired the character of Vincent Hanna?

In 1963, Chicago Detective Chuck Adamson pursued a career criminal named Neil McCauley. This later became the basis for "Heat."


How much did "Heat" make on its opening weekend?

The film ranked number three on its opening weekend, pulling in $8.5 million. It went on to gross $187 million worldwide.


Which actress played Hanna's stepdaughter in the film?

In only her second film role, Natalie Portman played Hanna's stepdaughter, Lauren, in the film.


Who finally takes down Waingro?

McCauley sacrifices his own chance for escape to take vengeance on Waingro and guns him down in a hotel.


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