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Hercules Mulligan played a major role in the battle for American independence, even if his name isn't as well known as the founding fathers'. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the life and legend of this secret spy!

Where was Hercules Mulligan born?

Mulligan was born in Ireland in 1740 and emigrated to what is now the United States at age 6.


What founding father came to live with Mulligan while in college?

An 18-year-old Alexander Hamilton moved in with Mulligan and was heavily influenced by Mulligan's ideals.


What was Mulligan's profession?

Mulligan opened his clothing shop in 1774 and was a tailor to the British military leaders stationed in New York.


True or false: Alexander Hamilton was in favor of British rule when he met Mulligan.

A pro-British Hamilton changed his tune after living with Mulligan and went on to join the Sons of Liberty and write an important essay promoting independence.


What was the name of Mulligan's slave?

Mulligan's slave, Cato, played an important role in Mulligan's spying activities, often carrying messages to help the colonists in their fight against the British.


What year did Mulligan fight in the Battle of Golden Hill?

Mulligan took part in the pre-Revolution Battle of Golden Hill in 1770.


What was the name of Mulligan's brother?

Mulligan's brother, Hugh, not only introduced Mulligan to Alexander Hamilton, but also played a critical role in spying activities.


Where did Mulligan go to school?

Mulligan attended King's College, which later became Columbia University.


Whose statue did Mulligan steal from Bowling Green Park?

On July 6, 1776, Mulligan joined a group of rebel colonists to steal a statute of King George III. They later melted it down to make bullets.


Who suggested to George Washington that Mulligan would make the perfect spy?

It was Alexander Hamilton, aide to Washington, who suggested to George that Mulligan the tailor would be a great source of information about the British.


True or false: Mulligan saved Washington's life in 1779.

After scoring some key intelligence from a soldier buying a coat, Mulligan was able to save George Washington from British capture in 1779.


Where was Washington planning to travel when Mulligan saved him for the second time?

Mulligan saved Washington's life again in 1781, when the future president was planning to travel to Newport, Rhode Island.


True or false: Many colonists thought that Mulligan was in favor of British rule.

Mulligan did such a good job cozying up to the Brits for info that other colonists thought he might be on the British side of the war.


How many children did Mulligan have?

Mulligan had eight children: three sons and five daughters.


How old was Mulligan when he finally retired from his shop?

Mulligan worked as a tailor up until age 80 and died five years later.


Where is Mulligan buried?

Mulligan is buried at Trinity Church in New York City, right next to his friend Alexander Hamilton.


True or false: After the war, Mulligan became a tailor for George Washington.

To reassure locals that Mulligan was on the side of the colonists, Washington hired Mulligan as his personal tailor.


What did the Manumission Society fight against?

Mulligan was a founding member of the New York Manumission Society, which fought against slavery.


What was the name of Mulligan's wife?

Mulligan married up — tying the knot with the Elizabeth Sanders, the niece of a British admiral.


What pro-independence group was Mulligan part of?

Mulligan joined the Sons of Liberty in 1765 and took part in many battles and skirmishes in the war towards independence.


True or false: The British never suspected Mulligan of being a spy.

Mulligan actually faced several interrogations and spent some time in jail for his suspected espionage activities.


What spy ring was Mulligan a part of?

Mulligan was a part of the famous Culper Ring, a ring of spies led by Benjamin Tallmadge of Long Island, New York.


What punishment did Mulligan fear from the colonists after the war?

Mulligan feared he would be tarred and feathered because so many colonists believed that he was friendly with the British.


True or false: Mulligan greeted his store customers personally to win their trust and gain better intelligence.

Mulligan had several employees but preferred to greet and measure his clients personally — he often used a shot of whiskey to loosen lips.


What did Mulligan and Hamilton steal from Manhattan's Battery?

Mulligan and Hamilton stole British cannons from the Battery as the warship Asia fired at them.


True or false: Cato suffered for passing intelligence between Mulligan and other colonists.

After Cato was caught passing on a message, Mulligan stopped using Cato in his spying activities.


What year did "Hamilton" premiere on Broadway?

"Hamilton" premiered in February 2015 and was a major hit, transforming Hercules Mulligan and other characters into household names.


Who came up with "Hamilton" and penned its famous songs?

Producer Lin-Manuel Miranda was inspired to write his smash musical after reading Ron Chernow's comprehensive biography of Alexander Hamilton.


Who plays Mulligan in the musical?

Nigerian-born Onadowan originated the role of Hercules Mulligan on Broadway.


What other founding father does Onadowan play in the musical?

Onadowan plays the bold, rapping Mulligan and the much more meek James Madison.


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