Hey Buckaroo! Could You Make it as a Ranch Hand?

Tori Highley

How do you like to spend your Saturday afternoon?

Can you live without electricity in your home?

What was your favorite animal at the petting zoo growing up?

What is your favorite knot?

Which animal would you rather ride?

If Grandma told you to go in the back and prepare one of her old hens for supper, would you be able to?

What kind of knife do you carry?

When do you like to get up in the morning?

What is your ideal breakfast?

What is your favorite free time activity?

What do you like to play when the family gets together for the holidays?

How do you carry water with you during the work day?

How do you keep warm as the snow comes down outside your home?

What is your favorite way to keep warm outdoors in the winter?

Which homesteading hobby is your favorite?

What do you like to order at the bar?

Which adult beverage do you look forward to during the holidays?

What extra curricular activity did you join in high school?

What is your easy go-to for dinner?

Which dog breed do you want the most?

What do you like to do while waiting for the embers of a campfire to burn out?

What is your favorite way to relax on a Friday night?

Which modern western show are you a fan of?

How far in advance do you plan?

How do you correspond with your business partners most frequently?

What piece of furniture did you invest the most in?

What is your favorite at-home luxury?

What is your favorite place for takeout after a long day of hard work?

Where do you like to volunteer the most?

Have you ever milked an animal?

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About This Quiz

It might look like fun on television, but being a ranch hand is a lot of hard work. Take this quiz to see if you'd last a week working as a ranch hand.

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