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Do you fancy yourself the master of holiday shopping? Take this quiz to find out if you’re a bargain hunter or spendy spender.

What day of the week does the Internet shopping version of Black Friday fall on?

If you like to skip crowds and shop in your jammies, then you're probably well acquainted with Cyber Monday.


Which of these is a deal of the day Web site?

Groupon originated the daily deal concept in 2008 and it has caught on like wildfire.


Why is the busiest shopping day of the year called Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day most retailers move from the red into the black, showing a profit on their books for the first time that year.


How much does the average U.S. household spend on holiday gifts?

Even though they typically budget $100 less, the average amount spent on holiday gifts for the average U.S. household is $810.


Americans who use their credit cards for holiday shopping spend how much more?

If you use plastic to purchase gifts, you spend an average of $180 more than your cash only peers.


What was the first toy advertised on television?

Though you probably have the slinky jingle in your head, it was actually Mr. Potato Head that was the subject of the first ad campaign for a toy in 1952.


What was the most popular tablet computer purchased on Black Friday in 2009?

The iPad had a whopping 95 percent of the market share in 2009.


What percentage of adults in the U.S. say they start their shopping before Thanksgiving?

Far fewer than half of U.S. shoppers actually get a head start on their holiday shopping.


Generally, what day of shopping generates the most sales all year?

In 2009, Black Friday was the busiest shopping day of the year, but typically, it's the last Saturday before Christmas.


TRUE OR FALSE: It's illegal to give a gift card an expiration date.

Federal laws do not apply to gift card expiration dates, but individual states have laws that govern this policy.


How many nights are involved in the celebration of Hanukkah?

Hanukkah is observed for eight days and nights, beginning anywhere from late November to late December


The majority of Black Friday customers shop for who?

66 percent of Black Friday shoppers brave the crowds to get those good deals for themselves.


Roughly what percentage of gift cards go unused every year?

More than 10 percent of gift cards sit unused in people's wallets each year, contributing free money to the company's bottom line.


What continent did the actual St. Nicholas actually live on?

Though St. Nicholas has been largely Westernized, the original St Nicholas of Myra was a bishop from Asia Minor.


TRUE OR FALSE: Christmas and Mother's Day are the two biggest sales months for perfumes.

Christmas and Valentine's Day actually generate the most perfume sales during a calendar year.


What is Hannukah gelt?

Gelt is the Yiddish word for money, as well as the chocolate gold coins that are often the prize for the winner of a game of dreidl.


What category has the most purchases on Black Friday in 2010?

Though electronics are a close second, most Black Friday shoppers take advantage of the great deal on clothes.


Black Friday generates the most what?

While Black Friday is thought of as the biggest shopping day of the year, it usually generates more traffic than sales.


Which December holiday comes first?

While Christmas and Kwanzaa fall on December 25th and 26th respectively, Hanukkah's dates are less fixed, but it usually starts before Christmas.


What was the average percentange of yearly retail sales in December in 2009?

At 14 percent, that's a little over one-sixth of the year's business occurring in the last month of the year.


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