Quiz: Fact or Fiction: Homeowners Associations
Fact or Fiction: Homeowners Associations
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Think you know all there is to know about your homeowners association? Think again. Take our quiz and see exactly how much control the group that's governing your neighborhood has.

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Some homeowners associations have voluntary memberships.
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Homeowners associations can foreclose on, but not evict a homeowner.
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HOAs can restrict what color the paint can be on the exterior of your home.
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HOAs get their authority from local government.
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HOAs cannot levy regular dues on residents because this essentially taxes them twice on their property.
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Deeds, while incredibly restrictive, are not necessarily final. Some homeowners are able to gain "variances," or exceptions, to the rules.
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School buses sometimes are not allowed within the gate of gated HOA communities.
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If your car tire is sitting even 1 inch on your grass, you could be violating your HOA's rule that restricts cars from parking on the lawn.
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If your house is totally paid off, you no longer have to adhere to an HOA's deeds or covenants.
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Sometimes HOAs' rules are in place strictly to retain the community's aesthetic appeal.
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HOA boards of directors are always made up of local business men and government officials.
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Members of the HOA board are prohibited from purchasing a home the HOA foreclosed on, because this represents a conflict of interests.
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About 62 million Americans live in homes governed by HOAs.
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About 40 percent of all homeowners living with an HOA say they are satisfied with its rule.
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New housing developments are increasingly built with community associations to govern them.
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In states such as Texas, lawmakers have been proposing legislation to reduce the power of HOAs for at least a decade.
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When you sell your home, your HOA could charge you several thousand dollars worth of fees.
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HOAs cannot foreclose on the house of a U.S. soldier on active duty who is stationed outside his home state.
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There's no risk in taking an HOA to court over a fine you don't want to pay. Worst case scenario, you'll have to pay the fine anyway.
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