Quiz: The Horsepower and Torque Quiz
The Horsepower and Torque Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Of the hundreds of common car models on the roadways at any given time, it’s likely that few share exactly the same horsepower and torque measurements because there’s just so much variability in how each car is made. The purpose of the particular vehicle plays a big role in how many horses and how much torque it sports. For example, your average sedan needs to be able to go highway speeds and under but isn’t likely to be pressed to the limit on a racetrack anytime soon. Muscle cars, like the Chevrolet Camaro, are fine for road driving and can go really fast when little maneuvering is involved because they lack the braking and handling bells and whistles, making them less than ideal for speeds that involve curves.

Indeed, for all the pandering automakers do to buyers in commercials, the everyday driver doesn’t need as much horsepower or torque as someone with the last name Earnhardt or Waltrip. Despite this, flip through the pages of almost any automotive publication and you will see horsepower and torque listed for each vehicle. But how much do you know about these measurements? Channel your inner motorhead, and see if you can ace this quiz.

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