Quiz: Historic Haute Couture: The House of Worth Quiz
Historic Haute Couture: The House of Worth Quiz
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House of Worth sent haute couture to dizzying heights during the 19th century, and more than a century later, the brand is set to rise from the ashes once more. Take our quiz to see how much you know about Worth — the man and the brand.

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Where did House of Worth founder Charles Worth hail from?
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True or false: Worth started in fashion at a young age out of financial necessity.
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Where did Worth go to find inspiration for his dress designs?
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What year did Worth finally make the move to Paris to get serious about fashion?
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What did Worth design to win an 1855 award for Maison Gagelin at the Paris Exposition?
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What was the name of Worth's wife?
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What year did Charles Worth finally start his own fashion line?
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True or false: Charles Worth is the reason that fashion brands are known as "houses" to this day.
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What month did Worth choose to start displaying his spring and summer lines?
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True or false: Worth saw himself as more businessman than artist.
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What wife of Napoleon III helped make House of Worth the most desirable brand for women?
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How many Worth creations did Eugenie order for her trip to the Suez Canal in 1869?
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What fashion trend is Worth best remembered for?
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True or false: Worth held on to the idea of crinolines and used them in his designs for his entire career.
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What did Worth replace the crinoline with?
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What garment did Worth decide was no longer fashionable in 1862?
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True or false: Worth learned early on that he could make big bucks by licensing his designs.
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House of Worth was one of the first lines in history to use these.
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What year did Charles Frederick Worth die?
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When did the last member of the Worth family retire from the family business?
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What year was the House of Worth brand purchased by an investor?
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What did Empress Eugenie nickname Charles Worth?
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What is the name of House of Worth's most famous perfume?
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What color was the famous Je Reviens bottle?
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How many people worked for House of Worth by 1870?
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What is the literal translation of haute couture?
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Which of these did House of Worth introduce to the fashion world?
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Whom did House of Worth choose to design its 2011 debut collection for the 21st century relaunch?
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Which of these featured heavily in House of Worth's 2011 line?
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What color scheme featured in the line's 2013 spring and summer designs?
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