How Big Is Your Ego?

Steven Miller

Which pronoun do you use the most?

Do you meditate?

How do you feel when other people succeed?

How many selfies did you take in the last week?

Is it appealing for you to be famous?

How much stuff do you have?

Is your life filled with drama?

Is it always somehow about you?

What is your general reaction if someone else is getting attention around you?

How often do you use the words, "best" and "greatest" when talking about yourself?

How do you feel about spending time alone?

Is it hard for you to quiet your mind down?

Do you do any volunteer work?

How good are you at getting others to do what you want them to do?

Do you listen to advice?

Is it difficult for you to apologize?

In general, do you follow the rules?

What is your biggest weakness?

What is your greatest strength?

How appealing is the thought of being up on a stage with the spotlight on you?

How much time do you spend in front of the mirror each day?

How much do you enjoy watching reality TV?

On the phone, how long does it take you to ask the other person how they are?

How likely are you to blame others for your failures?

How comfortable are you talking about emotions?

Be honest, do you feel like you're better than other people?

Even if someone is talking negatively about you, do you kind of enjoy that they are talking about you?

How confident are you in your abilities?

How would you react if you won an award?

Are you regularly accused of being rude?

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About This Quiz

There's a difference between having self-confidence and being completely lost inside your own little world. This quiz is designed as a helpful tool to assist you in discovering where you are on the spectrum of egotism. Whereas those around you may be less inclined to speak honestly to you about your behavior, we will cut right to the point and give you an unbiased result.

To give you some idea of what we're looking for here, there are a few characteristics that people with enormous egos tend to embody. For example, you have a massive ego if you are always talking about yourself and you don't give space for anyone else to have an opinion, tell a story or share anything about themselves. When others are talking about subjects unrelated to people with gigantic egos, they will likely tune out of the conversation or interrupt with information that is way more interesting to them.

Note: Only read the following statement if you consider yourself to be the most amazing person who has ever lived.

If you recognize yourself in the above statement, there's a good chance that you will meet the lofty requirements necessary to be awarded the title of "Massive Ego." If you attain such an unbelievable and unheard of achievement, the history books are sure to sing your praises for generations to come, and the rest of us will simply feel lucky to inhabit the planet while you walk among us.

Let the display of awesomeness begin!

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