Quiz: How Close To a Perfect 100 Can You Score on This '80s Movie Quiz?
How Close To a Perfect 100 Can You Score on This '80s Movie Quiz?
By: R. White
Image: Walt Disney Pictures

About This Quiz

Remember “big hair” and leg-warmers? Do you know who the members of the ‘80s “Brat Pack” were? This ‘80s movie quiz will have you yearning for the days of skipping school with Ferris Bueller or dancing into the wee hours of the morning in “Footloose” fashion! Take a trip down memory lane to call out iconic movies from the decade of “The Outsiders,” “The Color Purple,” and “E.T.”

From crafty gophers to ghostly infestations, the decade of the 1980s provided movie-goers with a motley crew of antagonizers. Do you remember who Principal Rooney tried so hard to catch in the act? What technological nightmare from the future could not be conquered? These movies also brought characters who dared to dream, like steelworker Alex Owens who longed to be a ballerina, or the idealistic English teacher, Mr. Keating, of the “Dead Poets Society.” A strong line-up of kids and young adults also flooded the spotlights of the ‘80s. “The Outsiders” brought together a powerhouse of big names. So did “St. Elmo’s Fire,” “Stand By Me,” and “The Breakfast Club.”

So hold onto your jigo-watts and “feel the need for speed” as you exclaim “Oh, what a feeling!” when you cruise through questions on films of the ‘80s. Eradicate the trivia ghosts of the cinema past with your very own Ecto-Containment Pack of answers to these questions on the decade that is like gnarly fun!

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