Quiz: How Competitive Are You, Really?
How Competitive Are You, Really?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Competition is part of human nature. From the Olympics of the ancient Greeks to today's football championships, competition has been the driver of all human development. The age of empires is what drove European expansion and what we now have in globalization. The gilded age is what drove robber barons to build towering skyscrapers, huge bridges, and even libraries they could slap their names on. Without competition, we would not have Facebook, Google, the space program, or a map of DNA.

Competition need not always be between people. The deadly Isle of Man TT motorcycle race, which draws the top talent in the sport, is a race against time. Scientists often race against time and other scientists as they race to publish their research. Entrepreneurs race to get their businesses ready to roll out, worried that market conditions or customers' needs could change. In ultramarathons, runners compete against each other, the clock, and the unforgiving environments they run in, like the wastes of Africa or Iceland.

So how competitive are you really? Would you give up your life savings and time to build a business that will outlast you? Would you run your legs to bloody stumps to win an insane foot race? Deep down, when you think about it, how competitive are you really?

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