Quiz: How Enlightened Are You?
How Enlightened Are You?
By: Steven Miller
Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

Enlightenment - it's what we all struggle to find in our lives. However, some have spent decades in practice, patience, and development to enter the fourth and final stage of enlightenment - Arahant. 

This is no easy task, as by this stage you have freed yourself from the tethers of ego and have had the opportunity to find yourself in a world many will never discover - Nirvana.

There is a long distance from start to end, and once you have found what you seek, you realize there is no end, just a long journey. Are you up for the challenge? If you're taking this quiz, we're sure you are. 

Whether you have recently seen the light or dharma and are stepping into your first phase of enlightenment - Sotāpanna, or are partially enlightened and likely to be reincarnated into a human for further transformation in the second phase - Sakadagami, you have chosen a path many have not. 

The questions on this quiz test your ever-evolving relationship with ego, the control you have over personal sacrifice and the time you take to meditate on your world, the world around you and eventually a clearer transformation. So, take a breath, calm your mind, and take this quiz to see if we can help you figure out how enlightened you are.

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