How Good of a Host Are You?

Mark Lichtenstein

Do you have a table plan?

Do you always know when a vegan is coming?

The room is 15 by 15 feet and has 2 sofas in it. How many people can it fit?

A guest asks if they can bring a significant other! Can they?

A guest is drunk. What do you do?

Your friend brought her boyfriend and he's making super racist jokes. What do you do?

What's the right way to inform your guests that there is a dress code?

Do you know all your guests' allergies ahead of time?

If you're having a summer party outside, what steps do you take to ensure there is somewhere cool and shady to sit?

If your party is someplace up a flight of stairs, what do you do to include your friend who uses a wheelchair?

If a guest returns from the bathroom with their skirt tucked into their undies, what do you do about it?

A guest says she is too hot. What do you do?

How do you cater to your friend who is an alcoholic?

You're hosting a charity ball. What are you going to wear?

For what sort of party is it absolutely imperative that you send a real physical invitation?

Is an RSVP on Facebook a real RSVP?

If you know a recently divorced couple, can you invite them both?

When guests are staying too late, how do you kick them out?

You're serving dinner and you're making your special paella, which you told everyone ahead of time. A guest shows up with a dish, unasked. What do you do with their dish?

What is your policy on people taking photos in your home and posting them online?

What parlor game would you suggest people play first?

Is it ever appropriate to mix work friends and other friends?

A guest sits down on a dining chair, which breaks, plopping them on the floor. Who should be the most embarrassed and apologetic: you or them?

A gentleman guest calls the next day, saying he wants the phone number of a lady guest you know he spent most of the evening with. Do you give it to him?

Your friend from Italy is visiting and doesn't speak a word of English. What sort of party do you throw to make sure she has a great time anyway?

You are in a friend group where there's one person you just can't stand. You're having a large event. Do you invite them?

A guest is late. At what point do you start eating anyway?

A guest canceled on you twice in a row. Do you stop inviting them?

A guest got drunk and humiliated herself before you could stop her. She doesn't remember it and there's nothing on social media. Do you tell her?

Your party is over. Guests offer to help tidy up. Do you let them?

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About This Quiz

Hosting isn't just a matter of showing up. A well-run party is your responsibility, and your guests expect you to rise to the occasion. Do you have what it takes to run a good party?

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