Quiz: How Good Is Your French, Really?
How Good Is Your French, Really?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Bonjour! Do you know the ins and outs of the language of love? This Romance language, meaning that it comes from the Latin spoken by ancient Romans and not that it's Cupid's favorite, has a longstanding artistic reputation. Before English was the international language most commonly used, it was French. In fact, until about World War I, all the royals of Europe spoke French to each other as a symbol of their status. 

For centuries, Paris was the cultural capital of the western world, a center of art, science, business, fashion and more. A large chunk of the west took its cues from the city when it came to trends and more for hundreds of years. Today, French one of the most spoken languages on earth. It is spoken all around the world by hundreds of millions of people. It's an official language in Canada, numerous African countries and several countries within the EU.  

It's also THE language to use in the culinary world. Think of how many high culinary achievements just happen to have French names!

The French language can be tricky for native English speakers, as its full of accents, pronunciations and sounds that are just not a part of English. Do you think you have mastered the language of love? Then get ready to get romantic with this French-language quiz! 

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