How Good Is Your Spelling?

Isadora Teich

Mesopotamia was home to an ancient ___________.

Civilization is a noun. It is considered the most advanced stage of human development.

An _______ was watching over me.

Angel is a noun. An angel is a celestial being.

Work is his _________.

Priority is a noun. It is something considered more important than other things.

He has good __________.

Qualities is a plural noun. A quality is a standard, level or degree of excellence.

He's an ________ musician.

Influential is an adjective. It describes someone who has had a big influence on someone or something.

The caterpillar built a ________.

Cocoon is a noun. In this context, it's a case larvae spin for protection so they can grow.

That's not __________.

If something is accurate, it is correct. Accu+rate=accurate.

That's your ________.

Opinion is a noun. It's a view or judgement of something that is not necessarily based in fact.

She's a talented ________.

Athlete is a noun. An athlete is someone who is proficient in sports or some other kind of physical activity.

We went to her favorite _________.

Restaurant is a noun. It's also a place to go when you're too tired to cook.

He filled the tank with _________.

Gasoline is a noun. It is used to fuel vehicles and more.

They aren't _________.

Religious is an adjective. It relates to the belief or doctrine of religion.

I am a _________.

Surgeon is a noun. It is someone qualified to practice surgery.

He's __________ my brother.

Basically is an adverb. It means fundamentally.

This information is ___________.

Confidential is an adjective. This word describes something that is meant to be kept secret.

Some take ________ vitamins.

Essential is an adjective. It describes something that is incredibly necessary or important.

__________ is important.

Exercise is a noun. It is activity which requires physical effort.

I am a _________.

"Foreigner" is a noun. It a person who was not born in the country they are currently in.

Basic _________ is important.

Hygiene is a noun. It is the practices which lead to maintaining health and cleanliness.

I ___________ books.

Illustrate is a verb. It can mean to provide something written with pictures or to explain something.

She has a great _________.

Intellect is a noun. It is someone's ability to reason or understand abstract or academic matters.

They live on an _______.

Island is a noun. An island is a piece of land surrounded by water.

Some people keep a ___________.

Journal is a noun. It can be either a newspaper or magazine that deals with a professional activity or a personal diary.

There's thunder and _________.

Lightning is a noun. It is a natural occurrence, often during storms, where a high voltage electrical discharge occurs in the clouds.

He lives in a ________.

A mansion is a large, impressive house. It is a noun.

He overcame the _________.

Obstacle is a noun. An obstacle is anything that blocks the way or prevents progress.

It's an _______ T-shirt.

Ordinary is an adjective. It is used to describe something common or normal.

Let's go on a ________.

Picnic can be a noun or verb. It is a meal eaten outdoors or taking part in an occasion where a meal is eaten outdoors.

She drank ________.

Poison is a noun or verb. It is a substance capable of causing harm or death or the act of using such a substance.

The child is full of ________.

Curiosity is a noun. It is a strong desire to know something or learn.

What's the __________?

Solution is a noun. It is the way to solve a problem or handle a situation.

The student left school due to a ________ emergency.

Medical is an adjective. It relates to the science of medicine or to the treatment of ailments and injuries.

I'm so _________.

Grateful is an adjective. It means feeling or showing appreciation for others' kindness.

I gave my __________.

Analysis is a noun. It is a detailed examination of the parts or structure of something.

Knitting is her favorite ________.

Pastime is a noun. A pastime is a hobby.

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About This Quiz

Are you a spelling genius who can't be fooled by even English's trickiest words? While some languages are generally phonetic, meaning that they sound like they are spelled with only a small number of exceptions, the English language is not. Letters combine in unique ways to make unique sounds, and in some cases and in many words, some letters seem to not be pronounced in different ways. English words are full of silent letters. Often, two words can look similar and be pronounced completely differently. Frequently, they even look different but sound roughly the same.   

English is such a tricky language to learn that new students of it are often in for a struggle. Even lifelong speakers can struggle with it, and many native speakers cannot spell very well. This is because English can seem to have almost no constant rules at times. For example; they're, their and there all sound exactly the same. However, these words all are spelled very differently and mean very different things when used in the proper context.  

If you are a spelling whiz who loves a good spelling bee, put your English language skills to the ultimate test with this HowStuffWorks spelling quiz! 

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