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When many people think of witches, they imagine a scene from the Dark Ages. They think of old warty women cackling, pointed black hats, and bubbling cauldrons. While those exaggerated images are fun around Halloween, they are far from the reality for a group of modern day witchcraft practitioners known as Wiccans. When many people think of the term witch, they think of iconic witches such as the Wicked Witch of the West in "The Wizard of Oz," but these stereotypes are not what modern Wicca is about at all.

Wicca is an earth-based religious movement and form of modern paganism. It is estimated that there are over a million practicing Wiccans in the United States alone. And while Wicca has no central authority, like how Catholics defer to a Pope there are various teachings and traditions that are understood throughout the entire movement. There truly are many ways to be Wiccan.

So if you'd like to put your Wiccan vocabulary knowledge to the test, summon some courage and take this magical quiz.

Who is considered a witch?

Wiccans practice witchcraft. In Wicca, all practitioners of witchcraft are called witches, regardless of sex or gender.


The Goddess has three aspects: Mother, Maiden, and _________.

Many Wiccans worship the Goddess in three aspects. These include the young maiden, fertile mother, and wise crone.


In part, astrology relies on:

Astrology studies the movements of the planets and other heavenly bodies. It says that they effect human lives.


Some Wiccans adopt a name to use for magic purposes. They call this a:

Some Wiccans adopt a craft name to use in their practice. This gives them a magical identity separate from their legal and day-to-day name.


A solitary Wiccan is someone who practices:

Many modern Wiccans are solitary witches. This means that they largely practice the craft alone.


A group of witches who practice together is a:

Covens are groups of witches who meet regularly to practice. They can be large or small.


Which of these is a popular tradition of Wicca?

Wicca was invented in England during the 20th century. All Wiccan practice branches off from what is known as British Traditional Wicca.


What do some Wiccans call Wicca or Witchcraft?

Some Wiccans or Witches call their religious practice The Craft. This term was borrowed from Masons.


If someone is an eclectic witch, what do they follow?

Eclectic witches practice on their own terms. They draw from a variety of traditions to practice what feels right to them.


What is an esbat?

An Esbat is a Wiccan ceremony. It can be either for worship or spell casting.


When do witches cast a circle?

Witches begin rituals and spellwork by casting a circle. This denotes sacred space and separates it from mundane space.


What does it mean to draw down the moon?

One of the most well-known pagan rituals is that of drawing down the moon. Typically, a Wiccan high priestess will invoke the spirit of the Goddess into her body.


Skyclad means:

Skyclad means naked. Some covens who practice in private do ritual work skyclad.


The four elements are also known in Wicca as the four......

The elements are earth, wind, fire, and air. In Wicca these are also known as the four corners, or quarters.


To move "widdershins" is to move:

Widdershins means "counterclockwise." It has Irish roots.


What is an Athame?

An athame is a ritual knife. They are used as symbols of air or fire and not used to actually cut anything.


What is a bolline?

A bolline is a special knife used by traditionalist witches. It can be used to cut herbs or cords or scratch symbols.


Cups are a symbol of:

Cups are a symbol of water. Pentacles symbolize earth, swords air, and wands represent fire.


What does asperge involve?

This is the act of sprinkling saltwater or clean water. It can be done with the fingers, a wand, or other magical tools.


When someone channels a spirit they:

Channeling is when a medium lets a spirit or other entity borrow their body. The entity will then speak through them.


Elemental spirits are associated with....

Elemental spirits are sometimes called Faeries. They are associated with the four elements.


A witch's familiar is often:

Many witches are drawn to animals they feel spiritual connections with. A stereotype is for witches to be associated exclusively with black cats, though, any animal may be a familiar.


A fascination is a magical attempt to:

Fascinations are attempts to control the minds of others through magic. This is considered dark magic.


A hand fasting is a Pagan:

Hand fastings are Pagan commitment ceremonies. These can accompany legal weddings, or stand on their own.


Astral projection involves your consciousness:

Astral projection is a concerted effort that results in someone's consciousness leaving their body at will. It is a difficult skill to master.


Which of these is used for divination?

Divination is a popular magical practice. There are numerous ways to do it.


The belief that all souls are born many times is:

Reincarnation is a belief that all humans hold an ageless and sexless soul that has been and will be reborn again. It is common amongst Pagans, Wiccans, Hindus, and Buddhists.


What does a past life regression give insight into?

Many magic practitioners believe in reincarnation. They believe that, through the use of magic, one can gain insight into their past lives.


What is the Wiccan Rede?

The Wiccan Rede provides the basic ideas of Wicca. It includes the famous phrase "An it harm none, do what thou will."


A sigil is a magical:

Sigils are often used in magic working. Many witches make their own for their own uses.


What is Summerland in Wicca?

Many practitioners of Wicca call the afterlife Summerland. It has no negative or positive connotation.


Tarot cards have both the Major Arcana and the ________ Arcana.

All classic tarot decks contain 78 cards. These include the major arcana and minor arcana.


The Threefold Law relates to:

According to the threefold law, the energy you release comes back to you three times more intensely. This is true of positive and negative energy.


Using plants for magical purposes is:

Herbalism is a common kind of witchcraft. Even without knowing it, many people use herbs and plants for healing.


What is a grimoire?

Witches often keep journals of their spellwork and things they find useful for it. A book like this is called a Grimoire or Book of Shadows.


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