Quiz: How Gullible Are You?
How Gullible Are You?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Do you believe everything you see or hear? While not everyone will believe everything they are told, some of us are more susceptible to falling for an untruth than others. Being gullible is not a matter of being stupid or uniformed. Sometimes, being gullible means that you choose to believe in the good in others. It's a much more positive outlook than living life as a skeptic!

Throughout the gullible quiz, we'll present some scenarios just to see how you would react. We'll also examine your personality, and the things you find worth believing in. How many times have you fallen victim to an innocent prank in your life will be irrelevant to this particular fact-finding mission. Anyone can fall victim to a well-played practical joke. We want to know about those little things you might believe in that make others scratch their heads. Once we have enough information, we will formulate an outcome that tells you exactly how gullible you are. 

Once you know how prone you are to believing something you should not believe, you will be able to have your guard up next time someone tries. Won't they be shocked when you don't fall for it anymore! Ready?

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