Quiz: How High Can You Score on This Aussie Rules Football Quiz?
How High Can You Score on This Aussie Rules Football Quiz?
By: Abi Luftig
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About This Quiz

Footy is a way of life in most of Australia. However, any Aussie who has tried to explain the rules to a newcomer knows the sport is anything but simple. Test your knowledge here!

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How many quarters are in each game?
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How long is each quarter?
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When were the official AFL rules first written?
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What shape is the football ground?
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How many posts are at each end of the ground?
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Where is a legal zone to tackle?
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How many meters are you allowed to run with the ball before incurring a penalty?
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What is the term for when a ball is dropped and kicked before it hits the ground?
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What is the name for a kick that makes sure the ball rolls and skids along the ground?
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What is the term for a type of punt that causes the ball to spin on its long side?
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What is the name of the kick that uses the inside of the player’s foot?
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What is the name of the kick that uses the outside of the player’s foot?
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What is the mark?
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How many points are awarded if the ball is kicked in between the two large goalposts?
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When do teams change sides of the ground?
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How many players are on each team?
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Who enforces the rules?
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What is it called when the ball goes through one big goal post and one short one?
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When a team wins a game, how many points are they awarded on the premiership table?
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Which is not a type of player?
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How many “home and away” matches are in a regular season?
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How many teams move on to the finals rounds?
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What does the umpire do to start the game?
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What is the penalty for pushing another player in the back?
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How close must players be for shepherding to be allowed?
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In which city is the Grand Final traditionally held?
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Traditionally, what does the winning team do after they win?
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Until 2016, what was the rule if the Grand Final ended in a tie?
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How does the umpire determine the initial goal for each team?
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What sound signals the end of play?
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