How High Could You Rank in the Air Force?

Zoe Samuel

What languages do you speak?

Why did you join up?

Be honest: are you command material?

Where do you want to spend your time?

What landscape do you love?

Who do you want to be around?

How tech savvy are you?

Do you care about money?

How risky do you like it?

Are your traveling days done?

Do you mind being in an almost entirely male environment?

What sort of shape are you in?

How do you feel about G force?

Are you a strategic thinker?

How do you react to long-term stress?

How about short-term stress?

Why do you think the Air Force is important?

Who is your screen role model?

How predictable do you like your life?

Do you want someone to play you in a movie someday?

Are you really just in this for the medals?

Which foreign ally do you want to work with the most?

Which country do you want to visit?

What weather do you like best?

In what outfit do you feel most like yourself?

How long do you want to be in the Air Force?

Which other branch of the military might you have considered?

Would you be happy if your child were to join the Air Force?

Do you love military history?

If you were not in the Air Force, what job would you like?

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About This Quiz

The United States Air Force is the most powerful such entity in the history of the world. Since aviation first began, only USAF has ever managed to achieve total air supremacy. This branch of the military can single-handedly blockade a port, wipe out a base, enforce a no-fly zone, drop aid to refugees, or - if it were to choose so - level an entire civilization.

That sort of power entails an extremely high level of responsibility, and that means the higher a person wants to go within the Air Force, the more serious-minded they need to be. Piloting a plane is in and of itself, a challenging job. Maintaining them is likewise very tough, as is designing them, or managing their flights from the deck of an aircraft carrier. Commanding whole squadrons and making battlefield decisions requires a different kind of toughness. 

Then there's command: strategic thinking that demands a solid grasp of the geopolitical landscape and the ability to effortlessly code switch between officers, airmen, diplomats, and government officials. A wrong decision can destroy civilians or spark a conflagration that might consume the entire world.

Tell us about yourself, and we'll see where you would fit into this amazing flying machine!

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