Quiz: How High Could You Rank in the Army?
How High Could You Rank in the Army?
By: Brian Whitney
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About This Quiz

Whether you have been in the army or you have just watched a lot of movies, we all know how different the experience is depending on rank. Of course, almost all of the people high up in the army started at the bottom, but that still doesn't mean it isn't hard being a private. 

The whole goal of being in the military, other than protecting our country, of course, is to move up in rank, taking on more responsibility, while at the same time getting a better and more challenging job. But the thing is, not all of us are cut out for that type of thing. Some of us aren't even cut out for the military at all. It isn't easy.

What about you? Are you more cut out for being a general, making big decisions and leading from afar, or is it possible that you might be more cut out to be taking orders and fighting in the trenches like a private? Or maybe people in your life have always said you would make the perfect drill sergeant?  

You might want to take this quiz to find out. Just don't expect us to think you for your service once you're done unless you were in the military for real. 

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