Quiz: How High Could You Rank in the Navy?
How High Could You Rank in the Navy?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

The U.S. Navy is one of the world's finest and most synchronized fighting forces in the world! If you were to enlist to serve your country as a sailor, how high do you think you would rank? Could you become a Chief Warrant Officer, or would a few weeks of basic training be enough to send you home crying to your mama? 

Throughout the Navy rank quiz, we will need to get to know all about you. To find the most accurate rank for you, we'll need to know how tough you are, how you handle yourself in emergency situations and a whole lot about your personality and leadership abilities. Would you have what it takes to command a fleet of ships or to join the Seals? No matter where you think you would rank, the Navy could very well use our rigorous skill assessments. Getting a good feel for your true grit and ambition will help us line you up with the most appropriate position you would hold. 

If you're ready to jump aboard an aircraft carrier or a submarine, let us give you a ride! After you've found your way through the wake of assessment questions, we'll let you know exactly where you would rank in the US Navy. Let's go!

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