Quiz: How High Would You Rank in the Boy Scouts?
How High Would You Rank in the Boy Scouts?
By: Tori Highley
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About This Quiz

With a variety of opportunities and activities, no Boy Scout has the same experience as another. Regardless, the Boy Scout programs create a unique bond between scouts that outlasts time and distance. "On my honor," are still words that resonate in every scout's heart across the globe. Every scout hears those words and remembers that they have promised countless times to be upstanding citizens of the world. Each scout, no matter their rank, still carry the scouting lessons they learned wherever they go. 

However, the ranking system plays a part in how many lessons a scout learns. Only the bravest, hardest working, and most dedicated scouts can earn the rank of Eagle Scout. Beyond camping and knot tying, it takes a lot of merit badges, volunteer hours, leadership roles, and community support to earn Eagle Scout. Way back in the day, it even meant saving a life to receive the title of Eagle Scout!

Do you think you can measure up to the likes of famous Eagle Scouts like Neil Armstrong and Steven Spielberg? Or would you fall at a lower scout rank like John Wayne or Harrison Ford? Our quiz can tell you if you are an Eagle Scout in the making or just a scout for life!

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