Quiz: How Impressive Is Your Vocabulary?
How Impressive Is Your Vocabulary?
By: David Copper

About This Quiz

Are you the word nerd who makes all your friends feel like they need a refresher course in English? Or do you know less than you really think you do? If you're looking for the definitive answer about your vocabulary's potency, you've come to the right place. Our vocabulary quiz will take you back to school to see what you've remembered despite burning all those brain cells in college. 

Throughout this impressive vocabulary quiz, we are going to put your word nerdiness to the test. It's not the kind of test that you need to study for all night. It's the kind of test that will rank your vocabulary against that of the general population. 

You might know that you are good with words, but are you the best amongst your peers? Our quiz is designed to bring out your inner passion for words and to gauge you on the scale of intelligence to let you know exactly how impressive your vocabulary might be.

If you know your complements from your compliments, you are most likely to do well. Even if you miss a few, we'll reward your quiz completion with a generous grading curve. Best of all, you'll walk away with an official word nerd title you can use to brag to your friends! 

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