How Inspiring Are You?

Zoe Samuel

Do people naturally gravitate to you?

Can you give criticism without being cruel?

Do people often ignore you?

Do you like to get attention?

Have you ever seen a crime in process, and what did you do if so?

Do you consider yourself a good role model?

How's your public speaking?

Have you ever written a book?

What is your top achievement?

Have you ever changed your body in some dramatic way?

Have you ever quit a job without another job lined up?

Have you ever left a relationship that was turning toxic?

Have you ever publicly stood up to someone more powerful than you?

What's one way that you practice what you preach?

Do you take care of those around you?

Have you ever mentored someone?

Do you have kids?

Do you care for any older or disabled people?

Are you kind to animals?

Have you ever conquered a terrible habit or even an addiction?

Have you ever been convicted of a crime but gone on to live a good and productive life?

Have you ever made amends for something terrible and had the person truly forgive you?

Have you ever been the leader of a group and taken sole responsibility for all of its mistakes?

Have you ever been a tutor, teacher, or instructor?

Have you ever helped someone walk out of a bad situation? For example, made space for a bully's victim to exit the scene by getting between them?

Do you dress well?

Do you have a high-powered job?

Are you respectable by the standards of the place in which you live?

Do you ask for what is due to you?

Have you ever had a piece of chocolate in your house for so long without eating it that it went bad?

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Image: Andre Furtado/Pexels

About This Quiz

We're all looking for a little inspiration in this modern world of ours, in which consumerist thinking and our busy lives tend to gobble up far too much of our energy. We can get so bogged down in our work, that we simply don't have a moment to look for something luminous or transcendent to give us purpose. While we might find this in prayer, in our work, or in art, sometimes we find it in people.

There are plenty of people who set out to inspire others, from political and business leaders to people of faith to writers and artists. However, very often the most inspiring people never actually mean to become leaders and spend much of their lives not standing out. They just do the right thing without getting very much credit for it, and never do anything especially noteworthy. Others might live a very ordinary life most of the time but suddenly, have a moment to shine when they happen to witness a crime or an injustice and discover their latent superhero stepping in with vigilante justice or the perfect words for the moment. Others are simply so kind and decent that, once you see them in action, you cannot help but be moved.

How inspiring are you, exactly - and if you are, what form does it take? Let's find out!

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