How Judgy Are You?

Marie Hullett

Coffee's a topic that gets many people stirred up. What's your strongest coffee-related opinion?

You're talking to someone about current events, but it seems they haven't heard the big news. What do you think?

Your neighbor always dresses super fancy, even just to go to the grocery store. Thoughts?

One of your coworkers confides in you, explaining a huge technical error they made on the job. What's your response?

This woman you just met is raving about the latest episode of "Keeping up with the Kardashians." How do you react?

You just found out that someone you know has never read your favorite book, which is widely considered a classic piece of literature. What do you say?

A friend of yours just mispronounced quinoa, and they've also never tried it. How do you respond?

Pretend that you just walked through a horde of Potterheads in line for the latest book (Surprise! There's one more). What's going through your head right now?

You've been texting someone who consistently uses the wrong form of your/you're. Thoughts?

You're talking about university with a group of acquaintances. How likely are you to judge people based on where they went to school?

You just met someone who has never traveled outside the U.S. What do you think?

You carpool with your coworker, who always listens to the Top 40. When you inquire about their musical tastes, they list off major pop stars like the Jonas Brothers and Ariana Grande. What's your inner monologue sound like in this situation?

Your aunt and uncle are going on a cruise! What do you think about that, really?

You're at a party, and someone you just met hasn't seen like, any of the indie movies you love. What do you say?

Maybe you heard about the Houston school that imposed a dress code on parents who pick their children up from school or attend events. What's your stance on that?

This person you just started dating is always sending you memes from like, a million years ago. How do you react?

This same person texts things like "ROFL" and "xD." What are your thoughts?

How likely are you to roll your eyes at someone you deem to be a 'hipster'?

How about someone you consider "uncultured?"

Whether you're clicking through Instagram stories or walking down the street, how often do you label someone "basic?"

This woman at your gym wears a full face of makeup every day. What do you think?

Let's talk about life. What's your philosophy?

You're on a first date. When your potential love interests orders, they ask the server to hold the spice. What do you say?

It turns out you had several dates lined up, and now you're on another one. This person just orders a salad and water. Thoughts?

Your coworker eats a lot of fast food. What do you think of these frequent McDonald's and Taco Bell outings?

Speaking of dietary habits, what do you think about your vegan coworker?

Someone you follow on Instagram always posts a long string of hashtags in earnest. What do you think?

Be honest. How do you feel about food pics and #foodie posts?

You know someone who always raves about comic books, attends Comic-Con and dresses up like their favorite characters for the events. What do you think of them?

A friend of yours always reads celebrity gossip columns. What's your opinion on this?

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About This Quiz

"I felt your judgy eyes!" one of the Foster sisters says to the other on the satirical reality show "Barely Famous." If you're a powerfully judgy person, you can definitely relate to this. When you pass judgment upon some poor soul, it burns right through their skull without you even needing to open your mouth. Some call it unfair or cruel, while you prefer to just call it the gift of discernment!

Others, however, cannot really relate. They might be discussing music or current events, and somehow, not one judgment does their brain make. Maybe they're just really chill, maybe their heads are stuck in the clouds, or maybe they're actually angels sent from above. The world may never know. 

Whether you judge people for having no children or many, judge cringe-worthy taste in art or snobby tastes in food, chances are you've passed judgment before, though. Maybe you judge people who don't read books, or maybe you judge people who brag about their bookcases. Perhaps you judge people who eat food on the metro, or perhaps you tweet your judgment to the whole world (cough, Natasha Tynes). What, you haven't read that news scandal? I'm totally judging you! 

So, just how judgy are you? We'll be the judge of that ... 

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