Quiz: How Logical Are You?
How Logical Are You?
By: Steven Miller
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About This Quiz

In a world that seems to be at the mercy of "facts" that only support someone's preconceived notions of reality, perhaps we need less truthiness and more actual logic. The call is going out to all those who are compelled by logic and reason to step forward and give us all a grounded assessment of what needs to happen in the world today.

If you're someone who rates high on the logic scale, you're the ideal choice to lead an organization or business through a difficult time. When emotion clouds judgment, and it seems like you're involved in a no-win situation, these are the moments where a totally logical person truly shines. You can gather information calmly until the logical conclusion presents itself. While there may be negatives and positives to all options available, you can find the solution with the optimal path for proceeding forward.

Those who are more feeling-oriented will likely find your way of doing things to be cold, calculating and aloof. Similarly, you're likely to find their way of being in the world to be exhausting, illogical and extremely frustrating. After all, you've learned that you can't really argue with feelings, no matter how accurate your point of view actually is.

Logically, there's a 74.9% chance that you'll proceed with this quiz if you've read this far.

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Which character do you most relate to?

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Which game would you rather play?

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How would you describe your love life?

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Of the following, which school subject was your favorite?

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