Quiz: How Many Architectural Styles Can You Identify From an Image?
How Many Architectural Styles Can You Identify From an Image?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Interior Design Magz

About This Quiz

Have you ever built a house? Worked construction? Maybe you're an HGTV junkie and spend hours upon hours watching people take broken down old houses and turn them into million-dollar architectural and design showpieces?  If so, this quiz is right up your alley! Let your inner Frank Lloyd Wright out to play and tackle our architectural styles quiz!

In this quiz, you'll be asked to identify what style a house or building is based on a single picture and a hint, if you need to have one. What does that house with the big, white columns holding up a gabled roof represent?  Of course, you can probably guess that the house that looks like a giant golf ball is a geodesic dome, but does your design knowledge go a little deeper than that?

How many of these styles can you pick out?  What's the style of the house with the low, sloping roof, the tapered four-sided porch pillars, and the big porch?  Can you tell a Gothic from a Victorian from an American ranch style?  Some of these will leap out at you right away, but some of them require some specialized knowledge to figure out.

So, hitch up your tool belt, grab your roll of blueprints and tackle our architectural styles quiz!

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