Quiz: How Many Biblical Words Can You Spell?
How Many Biblical Words Can You Spell?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Think you have a handle on your biblical vocabulary? Countless Christians and Catholics around the world find a sense of comfort in faith and do their best to live their lives according to the Bible. These works are arguably some of the most influential texts ever written. However, as works dating back centuries that have gone through countless translations in dozens of languages, the actual language used in the Bible can be quite tricky for some to understand and spell.  

The Bible is full of large words and archaic phrases that no modern person would ever use in casual conversation. While the weighty language of the Bible does a lot to help it convey a sense of grand importance, it can also be confusing for the average English speaker, who might not even know how to pronounce massive biblical words like antediluvian. Luckily, the Bible is so influential that many of its words are far more common today than many even realize. Some of these words are used even in instances which have nothing to do with the Bible itself.  

If you think you can take on the absolutely leviathan task of spelling biblical words, then try your hand at this quiz! 

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