Quiz: How Many Car Brands Can You Name from a Single Sentence Description?
How Many Car Brands Can You Name from a Single Sentence Description?
By: Craig Taylor
Image: youtube

About This Quiz

Where would we be without them? Certainly walking a whole lot more! Since their invention just before the turn of the 20th Century, the motor car has definitely come a long way. And a car fan like you probably has no trouble identifying most of them by looking at an image and deciding on the make and model.

But would you be as successful if we used a single sentence description? The best 4x4 by far? Do you know which car that is? What about vehicles described as sheer driving pleasure. To which auto manufacturer do they belong? Or Das Auto? The Power of Dreams? Think. Feel. Drive or Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. 

Do you know the car brands these single sentences describe? It's not as easy as you may think, is it? Obviously, with your car knowledge, some of the answers will just jump into your head. Others may require some serious thinking. 

But we know you got this. Your car knowledge is sure to pull you through.  So start in pole position, aim for the checkered flag and let the opposition smell burning rubber as you ace this quiz! 

What are you waiting for? Floor the accelerator and get going! 

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