How Many Chrome Car Parts Can You Identify?

Ariana Perez

These can help secure your car's windows. What are these called?

Pillar posts act as supports for a car’s window. Larger cars have four areas, whereas smaller cars have only three areas with pillar posts.

These play an important role when it comes to visibility. Can you identify this chrome car part?

These are a crucial piece of the car. Headlights are usually on during nighttime, unless you live in a state that requires you to have them on in rainy days (even during daylight).

This can help protect your car from scratches and bumps. Can you name these pieces?

This is more of a protection piece. Side molding can help lessen the impact of a side crash.

An important piece of the car that protects your mirrors, what are these?

Mirror covers can be found outside the vehicle. These protect the side view mirror, which helps the driver view side lanes and other spots within the peripheral view.

These serve as protection parts for your car. Can you name these?

These can help you cover previous scratches caused by bumps. These also serve to protect your hitch from future bumps and lessen the blow.

If you're short and can't get into your vehicle, this could make a huge difference. Can you identify the name of this piece?

These can be helpful for someone who is trying to hop into a large vehicle, like a truck. Running boards are a narrow step fitted under the car’s doors.

These can be useful, especially when driving your vehicle through the countryside on a summer day. Can you name them?

Basically a bug shield. These can help protect the hood of a car, truck, SUV or minivan.

These can be a little extra, but stylish nonetheless. Can you name these style additions?

Any chromed piece you purchase is a style addition. However, emblems are a custom preference that many decide to add when purchasing a car.

These can be a pricey purchase, but they're worth the investment. Not a very visible piece of the car, what are these?

These can provide added stability, depending on the mounting. If you're accustomed to standard rubber pedals, they make take some getting used to.

A more visible piece in a chrome car, what do you call these?

These are absolutely a choice. Do you need to buy a chrome license plate frame? No, but they look good!

An important part of a car’s body structure, what is this called?

Rocker panels are a stamped steel piece. These are located running along the sides of a car.

This can help protect your window from changing weather conditions. Can you identify this car piece?

These are a custom option. Window trims help keep the window in place and protect the auto glass from changing weather conditions.

A protection piece, can you identify this piece?

These are important for a car. Without a gas cap, your car's exhaust system will be out of balance and your check engine light might come on.

A crucial part of the car, especially to get in and out of it, can you name it?

Handle covers are pretty crucial. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to get in or out of your car.

This can help you hop on the back of a truck. A popular piece, can you identify it?

This piece, like other pieces around your car, can serve as protection. These can also help you hop on the back of your truck.

A sweet accessory to add, what is this?

This can help you draw attention to the rims, especially chrome trims. More than anything, these highlight the wheel wells.

This piece can help secure your rear lights. Can you identify it?

These can help hold in place the rear lights. It can also protect the lights from harsh weather and from dirt.

Without this, you wouldn't be able to access the back of your vehicle. Can you identify this piece?

These are an important piece for the back of the car. Without a tailgate handle, you wouldn’t be able to open or close it.

Located in the rear of the car, what is this piece?

A rear hatch trim can help you enhance the look of the tailgate handle. These can be easily applied and don’t require much labor.

A slightly elongated piece that provides support to your trunk, can you identify this?

This adds some shininess to your car. It also provide support to your trunk.

A custom choice, it can make your vehicle stand out. Can you name this piece?

These help draw attention to the rear ends. In addition, they give a customized look to the bumper assembly.

We’ve all used this at some point. Can you name it?

This covers shock towers. These covers are important in that they protect shock towers, which are built to survive serious weather conditions and maintain the car’s stability.

This piece mounts behind the air cleaner for a stylish look. Can you identify this piece?

Mainly designed to dress up the throttle. This piece mounts right behind the air cleaner for a stylish look.

You'll barely ever see this piece, but it's still a cool addition. Can you name this part?

Talk about style! The washer fluid cover top plate protects the liquid inside from evaporating.

These can look extra flashy due to their positioning. Can you name what these are?

This is another custom option. These are used to reduce the amount of light transmitted.

Useful for drivers in areas with severe weather conditions, what are these called?

These are custom fit. They are perfect for deflecting rain and debris while having the window slightly cracked during rough weather days.

Mostly used for style, what are these called?

These can give a car a bit of an intimidating look. Truly, these can set your car apart from the rest.

A cool look, what are these called?

These are designed to cover the wheel. With chrome, these completely change the wheel’s exterior.

A crucial component for coffee lovers, what is this piece?

Yes, there are chrome cup holders out there. A chrome cup holder adds some style inside of your car, too.

A part of the car drivers touch every time they get in their vehicle, what is this called?

This can be found in the center of the vehicle’s interior front. A chrome center console would make any car look slick!

Necessary for security, what are these?

If you’re tired of the plastic door lock buttons, this might be a good option to consider. Get rid of the plastic locks and insert chrome locks.

This can help your vehicle's interior pop out and look different from the general manufacturer's look. Can you name this part?

This is another way of giving your dash a fresh look. It’s easy to replace the factory dash for a flashier one with this.

When uncomfortable and looking to adjust your car, you reach out for this. Can you name it?

Not a very visible piece, but still customizable. These can replace damaged or cracked factory cover and give your car a new look.

These add more shininess to the front of the car. Can you identify it?

This piece is not only fashionable but it also serves a purpose. Mesh grilles offer protection for the radiator and a sharper look.

A bit of a noisy piece. What is it?

These can be loud, and now, stylish! However, if cars didn’t have mufflers, a car’s exhaust coming from the direct combustion in the pistons of the engine would generate an even louder noise.

These are barely ever seen, and can be pricey, but they're reliable and will keep your vehicle clean. What car part does this image correspond to?

These might not be visible, but they’re cool. Chrome floor mats can be slightly expensive, but they will last you forever.

This is more typical of vehicle that's going for a sportier look. Can you identify this piece?

Chrome fender vents can make your car look sleek. Plus, it adds to the sporty look.

These can be life-savers, especially when driving through marshy areas. Can you name these?

These come in handy, especially if you drive a big vehicle through muddy areas. Mud flaps can protect yourself and others from rocks and other harmful debris.

These serve two purposes: protection and style. Can you name these?

Bed rails protect paint while also add style to your vehicle. If you don’t like the manufacturer bed rails, you can easily replace them with chrome bed rails.

This can help you identify a vehicle's brand. Can you name it?

A chrome logo can make it really stand out. This adds a flair of sophistication and modernism.

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