Quiz: How Many Fictional Super Villains Can You Identify?
How Many Fictional Super Villains Can You Identify?
By: Jody Mabry
Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

WHY SO SERIOUS? This quiz will be more fun than you think! When you think of your favorite superhero, there are tons of villains always trying to cause chaos and take them down. From the Joker to Loki, how many fictional supervillains can you identify?

In the fictional world of superheroes, we often see them trying to save innocent victims or cities that have become a ploy of a supervillain. Would these heroes shine as brightly if they weren't saving the day? We think not! Our favorite superheroes are who they are because they are forced to go against these smart and calculated villains. While it might be easy to recognize Superman and Batman, could you recognize all of their foes?

Could you identify Superman's nemesis, Lex Luthor? While you might be able to identify Batman's foe, the Joker, could you pick out Two-Face, Bane, or Poison Ivy? Many of us are so hell-bent on superheroes that we don't realize that there are other kinds of "super" villains out there. What would Sleeping Beauty be without her nemesis Maleficent? Who would Ariel be if she didn't have to overcome Ursula?

There are tons of supervillains out there. Can you recognize them all?

Will you save the day with this quiz or will you fall victim to these villains? Let's find out!

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